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12 Must-Have New Products for Camping, Hiking and Survival

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Here are some great new products for camping and more in 2016.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy outdoor adventures and roughing it as much as the next gal (or guy). But, sometimes it’s nice to have a few creature comforts when you’re camping or hiking.

Every year, it seems like manufacturers come out with more technologically-advanced gadgets and gear than the last.

You’d be amazed at the camping, hiking and survival gear they create to afford convenience in the wilderness these days.

They’ve thought of everything from a hot shower to fresh espresso, and even a comfier bed. Who doesn’t want a tent that hangs from the trees?

With these 12 must-have new products for camping, hiking and survival, you can now enjoy the outdoors and still hold onto your modern luxuries. You’ll be so comfortable, you just might not want to ever leave.

1. NEMO Moonwalk Sleeping Bag, $280


The brand’s first waterproof tub sleeping bag, the NEMO Moonwalk gives you the option for dry, direct-to-ground sleeping on your next camping or backcountry trip.

Designed with cycle touring and backpacking mind, the Moonwalk features a drawstring collar to seal in body heat without added weight and bulk.

Complete with water-resistant, 700-fill DownTek, the Moonwalk absorbs 30 percent less moisture and dries 60 percent faster.

The bag can be paired with the 7-ounce Escape Pod 1P Bivy ($120), with inflatable-rib AirSupported Technology that helps it pack down to the size of a grapefruit.

2. Tailgaterz All-Terrain Table Cart, $99.95


The new niche camping line and brand from Exxel Outdoors, Tailgaterz, is thoughtfully designed. The All Terrain Table Cart lets you transport everything you need from the kitchen to your campsite (or tailgating spot) and back home again with ease.

The All Terrain Table Cart  is simple to set up, features all terrains wheels and offers a removable storage bag. The dual storage on either side allows for dry and cool compartments, while a built-in heat resistant table flips out for a prep surface.

3. Tailgaterz Game Day Buffet, $79.95


Also from the Tailgaterz product line, the Game Day Buffet folds down into a slim briefcase but expands up to a waist-high serving station making it the perfect addition to your family camping arsenal.

Made of laminated multi-density fiberboard, the heat-resistant tabletop can withstand high temperatures. Additional features include organizers and enough room for party supplies.

4. RinseKit, $89.99

camping shower

For those who find the standard hang-it-from-a-tree gravity showers lacking pressure and pump-up showers too involved, RinseKit is the answer.

RinseKit is a portable, pressurized shower. It doesn’t have pump and doesn’t require any batteries. You simply fill it with two gallons of water and it delivers pressurized spray.

5. Coolest Cooler, $499


While you obviously aren’t going to take this hiking, the Coolest Cooler would be great for a family camping trip.

What started as one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever can now be purchased on Amazon. While shelling out 500 bucks for a cooler seems crazy, the Coolest Cooler is far more versatile than anything you’ve seen before.

It features a blender that will blend some where in the neighborhood of 15-20 drinks on one charge. It also has a USB port that can power your iPhone, iPad or Android device many times over.

Don’t forget about the removable bluetooth speakers, plus four built-in plates, one ceramic knife, a corkscrew, a removable divider/cutting board, and a bottle opener with a magnetic cap catcher.

Oh, and it holds ice too.

6. Thermacell ProFLEX Heated Insoles, $184.99


When my husband asked for a pair of $185 heated insoles last Christmas, I thought he had lost his mind. I warmed up (pun intended) to the idea when I found out they were made by Thermacell.

With three settings, the ProFLEX Heated Insoles keep your feet warm without getting them too hot and making them sweat. It’s the best way to keep your feet warm while enjoying the great outdoors whether you enjoy camping, hiking or hunting, especially during unpredictable cold spring weather, and late fall trips afield.

Compared to the brand’s Original Heated Insoles, ProFLEX offers even more comfort and ease-of-use by utilizing a flexible polyurethane insole material, a comfortable and resilient Poron battery cover cushion, and a removable, rechargeable battery.

Complete with a small, handheld wireless remote,  there’s no need to worry about external batteries.

7. The North Face Verto Jacket, $99

The North Face
The North Face

Though it weighs in at a mere 3.2 ounces, that’s not what is impressive about this latest shell from The North Face. It’s that the Verto is fully equipped with an elastic hood, storm flap behind the zipper and hip length that keeps wind blasts off your lower back. And unlike most shells, it doesn’t feel clammy against the skin.

Made of Pertex Quantum, the Verto is water and wind-resistant and compresses to the size of a baseball.

8. Vertex Ultralight Backpacking Stove, $39.95

camping stove

The Vertex Ultralight Backpacking Stove is so small and lightweight that you might forget you’re carrying it. Weighing only 1.8 ounces, it packs flat to only 2.5 millimeters thick. It can be assembled in seconds and features a full wind screen.

The stove burns Esbit® 14 gram solid fuel tablets, but it also works with the popular Trangia® Spirit alcohol burner. Using a single fuel tablet, the Vertex stove brings 16 ounces of water to a boil in approximately 8 minutes. Of course that’s dependent on air temperature, elevation, and the starting temperature of the water.

9. Good To-Go Dehydrated Meals, $6.75+

Camping Food
Good To-Go

Created to change your mind about what trail food should taste like, Good To-Go dehydrated meals are made from real ingredients and weight just a few ounces each.

Created by a nationally renowned, former New York City restaurant owner, the dehydrated meals come in four gourmet flavors: Thai curry, herb mushroom risotto, smoked three bean chili and classic marina with penne.

These meals are a game changer for your next camping or backpacking trip.

10. Tentsile Stingray Tree Tent, $650


A cross between a tent and a hammock, Tentsile is a portable treehouse. The Stingray tree tent is large enough to accommodate three people and has enough tension in the design to offer a relatively flat sleeping surface.

You can string it up between palm trees or next to a high mountain lake. The Stingray tree tent can also become a multi-story camping base by adding three standard hammocks (not included) to the three corner D-rings. This way, you can have three adults in the tent above and three more in the hammocks below.

11. Polaris eBikes, $2,499


Polaris, a well-known maker of snowmobiles and ATVs, got into the bicycle game a few years ago. Recently, they launched an upgraded line. The company now offers bikes across five distinct categories — outdoors, commuter, RV, utility, and fleet (such as police and campus security).

The new Polaris electric bike models are capable of speeds up to 20-plus miles per hour, conserve fuel and quietly allow riders to expand their range, stay fresh and energetic throughout their entire eBike venture.

Not only are they pedal-assisted, but Polaris holds true to their hunting and fishing roots by offering a camo motif.

12. Wacaco MiniPresso, $59

camping espresso

Just because you’re roughing it in the wilderness, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your daily espresso.

The MiniPresso made its debut at the 2016 Outdoor Retailer show, but don’t let its sleek design fool you. The MiniPresso contains everything you need to make a coffeeshop quality shot, complete with cream. It includes a cup, filter basket, scoop, and tamper.

Oh, and did we mention it weighs less than a pound? A mere 360 grams to be exact.

You add the espresso grind of your choice, pour in 60 ml of hot water, and pump.

To eliminate the need for paper filters or disposable coffee pods, the MiniPresso has a permanent metal filter cup. The only waste is coffee grounds themselves, and a pound of ground coffee will last for 66 shots.

Though some of the must-haves on our list are pricier than others, when it comes to camping, hiking and survival gear, remember that you’re making an investment.

While many of them can be considered luxury items, if you were to ever wind up stranded in the wilderness you’ll be thankful you invested in warm, dry, comfortable place to sleep and a tasty meal.



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