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'12 Hours' to Make a Hunting Memory [VIDEO]

You've got 12 hours to create a hunting memory. What do you do?

Traditional archery hunter Kevin Merrow makes his first hunting trip to Florida to bag a wild hog. He's only got one day.

Merrow spends the first few hours of the morning in a stand over a feeder, waiting for the hogs to show up. But he sees far more squirrels than pigs. Still, he remarks that it's an interesting experience compared to the terrain and situations he hunts in in his home state of Pennsylvania.

Finally, three young wild hogs come into the feeder.

Merrow nails one of the small porkies, and then heads out to another location his guide has set up for him. One of the interesting things about this film is that we don't know if Merrow scores on a hog at his second location.

Hunting for Merrow and his fellow Tradgeeks bowhunters is not solely about the kill. It's about the experience. "Spending a morning like that, provides a meal for my family," he reflects. "Whether it's my hundredth doe harvest, or my first Florida hog, they will all have a special place in my memory."

"I had a lot of luck this a little piglet this morning, and I'm stoked about that. So if I don't see anything tonight...I'll be happy."

And that answers the question of how you create a hunting memory in a single day of hunting, where one small animal is "all" you get. You exercise gratitude and appreciation, that's what you do. Gratitude for the fact that you're able to enjoy the opportunity to participate in the circle, and appreciation for what you're able to harvest, no matter the "trophy" status.

Feeding yourself and your family a single meal, by doing what you love, what you were meant to do...that is meaningful. Isn't that worth being grateful for? And that's how lifelong memories can be made. By a simple adjustment of attitude.

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'12 Hours' to Make a Hunting Memory [VIDEO]