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12 Handgun Facts You Never Knew [PICS]

A short walk through history will give you 12 fun facts that you never knew about handguns.

Gun owners and enthusiasts spend countless hours cleaning, practicing, and standing up for their constitutional right to own a gun. But how often do we search for fun facts that can remind us all just how awesome guns in history truly are?

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The Texas Ranger

Manuel Trazazas "Lone Wolf" Gonzaullas was a lifelong Texas Ranger who used revolvers without triggers. He fired them by cocking and manually releasing the hammers.

The Key That Kills

Prison guards were able to keep the gun on the prisoner AND lock the cell at the same time with one hand. How? They invented a nifty little thing called the Key Gun.

key gun


The Embarrassing Assassination

Richard Lawrence tried to assassinate Andrew Jackson, but BOTH of his pistols misfired. President Jackson then beat Lawrence over the head with his cane until officials took him away. That's a pretty big failure for the first president assassination attempt ever!

The Lady's Man with the Lady's Gun

The Beretta 418 was described as James Bond's favorite gun in the original novels. However, the film industry quickly changed Bond's weapon of choice because a gun expert claimed it was a "lady's gun."

Trick Shot

Ever wonder why thugs on TV hold their pistol sideways?  In pop culture it was so that viewers could see both the gun and the actor's face during a scene. However, the 'side grip' was used in the early 20th century by law enforcement because their shields limited their field of view.

We're Off to See the Wizard

Next time you watch "The Wizard Of Oz," keep your eye out for the Scarecrow, who is packing heat as they venture into the Haunted Forest.


 Pistols in Space

In the past, Russian cosmonauts would bring their pistols into space in the event that they landed in unknown territory and were faced with hostile animals. Believe it or not, guns are actually still operable in outer space.

The First Colt

At the age of 16, Samuel Colt got his idea for his pistol design while he was on a ship to London. His observation of the ship's wheel inspired him to make a wooden model of a pepperbox revolver with a revolving cylinder.

Exploding Glocks

Gaston Glock, the founder of Glock firearms, had no experience with firearm designs or manufacturing. While he was testing prototypes, he would shoot with his left hand so that he could still work with his right hand if the test exploded on him.

How Do I Look in This Gun?

President Garfield's assassin chose to buy a gun that he thought would look good as a museum exhibit. Funny thing is that no one knows where it is.



The First Handgun

Gun powder was invented by the Chinese during the 9th century. This lead to the making of the first handgun, which was made up of bamboo and used gunpowder to fire a spear.

The Brass-Knuckle-Knife-Gun

In the 1900s, French gangsters used a weapon called the Apache Revolver. This weapon functions as a gun, brass knuckles, and a knife.

Now you'll definitely win Trivial Pursuit.

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12 Handgun Facts You Never Knew [PICS]