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Is This 12-Gauge the Most Powerful Handgun in Canada?

12 gauge

Have you ever heard of a 12-gauge pistol before?

Don’t feel bad, I hadn’t either.

Watch this video of these guys putting this crazy powerful handgun that shoots 12 gauge shotgun rounds through its paces.

WARNING: Strong language in the video

Every time I think I’ve seen it all, something new comes along. It’s interesting to hear about the restrictions on this. It seems to fall into some grey areas of current gun laws. I wonder what the legality would be here in the U.S.?

I’m not sure this thing has any practical purpose. The short barrel means it probably doesn’t have a great range with slugs. As someone who hunts deer with a 12-gauge, I’m intrigued at the idea of trying to take a deer with this. It would have to be up close and personal, that’s for sure.

If nothing else, it appears to be a fun diversion at the range!


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Is This 12-Gauge the Most Powerful Handgun in Canada?