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12 Far-Fetched Gun Concepts That Never Made it to Production


Some gun concepts just never make the consumer, military or law enforcement cut.

Here are 12 gun concepts that failed to become regular production items and are almost forgotten.

12. Dardick Model 1500 Magazine Fed Revolver

This strange pistol fired a strange triangular plastic cartridge known as a “tround.” Barrels were replaceable for different sizes desired. This pistol was made in rifle-form too.



11. Gyrojet Family of Firearms

Made in rifle and pistol configurations in the 1960s, they shot an actual small 13mm rocket aptly named a “microjet,” which actually increased in speed the farther it got from the launching platform to a certain distance.

For close range pistol shooting, the microjets were just too slow, but were at around 1,250 feet per second at its maximum velocity distance.  If you find one and are looking to shoot it, get ready to shell out around $100 or more per rocket, if you can find them. They are long obsolete.



10. Remington’s EtronX Electric Rifle

The rifle shot a 9-volt battery housed in the rifle stock itself instead of using a regular percussion-primed cartridge. This radical design never caught on.

Popular Mechanics


9. G11 PDW (Caseless Handgun)

The G11 PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) would have been built in a 4.73X25mm caseless ammunition caliber. The picture below is of a wooden model of what the actual weapon would have looked like.

HK Pro


8. Model 1922 Bang Rifle

Produced in 6.5mm Krag (.256) caliber. This experimental U.S. service rifle just never made it with its odd sliding muzzle cap operating system.



 7. Thompson Autorifle Model 1921

The Thompson Autorifle (top picture) had a Blish operating system that performed poorly against an early Garand-style rifle (bottom picture). It was a bad design that was never able to be utilized correctly. The Garand rifle won.



6. Low Maintenance Rifle (L.M.R.)

This was an experiment started in 1970s when poor performance was reported of the M16s in Vietnam. The rifle was a failure after many versions and upgrades, and was ultimately abandoned.

World Guns/RU

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5. MCEM-2 experimental submachine gun

This was an experimental gun in 9mm. Magazine capacity was only 18 rounds, and the cyclic rate was 1,000 rounds per minute. This gun never made it past the prototype phase.

World Guns/RU


4. Heckler & Koch CAWS (Close Assault Weapon System)  

This Hekler and Koch was an experimental bullpup style shotgun that fed from a magazine and was able to fire in semi-automatic or full-automatic. It fired a 12-gauge non-standard shell and its magazine held 10 rounds. It had a 1x optical sight too.



3. Villar-Perosa M1915 SMG 

This gun looks interesting. The Villar-Perosa was made as an aircraft gun and with its underpowered 9x19mm Glisenti cartridges and each of the two magazines only holding 25 rounds each, it didn’t quite make it.



2. The Special Purpose Individual Weapon (SPIW)

This was to be a flechette shooting replacement of the M16. After many years of testing, it was never adopted.



1. The TKB-022PM

This rifle was to be the bullpup style replacement for the Soviet service rifles, the AK47. They proved themselves as reliable firearms, but in the end the Soviet government turned them down.

World Guns/RU

Some of these guns get some major creativity points but, some for obvious reasons, did not make it to production. Can you imagine if some of these were in the market today?

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12 Far-Fetched Gun Concepts That Never Made it to Production