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12 Camo Weddings: Dresses, Cakes and the Perfect Photo Opp [PICS]

We’ve got 12 camo wedding photos you need to see. Add some of these patterns to your big day!
Army Navy Deals


We’ve got some inspiration for all those seeking help with wedding plans. Here are plenty of ideas of how you can incorporate your favorite camouflage pattern into your big day. And maybe hide from your in-laws.

These weddings can be indicative of both the bride and groom’s love of hunting, and yield some great wedding photos.

Check out the slideshow to see these great camo wedding photos.

Camo Wedding Boots

Jaks Flower Girl Dresses

These ladies made sure they were covered with camo from head to toe.

Role Reversal


It would seem that the guys in this photo are definitely getting the short end of the stick.

Camo with Orange Flair

Global Grind

Sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry. That’s why you should always have ample amounts of safety orange to accompany your camouflage.

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The Face

Team Jimmy Joe

The kid’s facial expression can only mean one thing: something smells.



On your wedding day it is good to let it all hang out, just like this guy. Ever tried camoveralls? They are pretty comfy.

Framed Art

Fashion Belief

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Cutting the Cake


Thanks to the way this textured tux fades in the background the wedding cakes takes center stage.



This groom must be either still in shock or dreaming of his next big game hunting trip.

Kissing in Camo

Cachic Design

It appears as though the minister doesn’t even notice the romantic moment. Probably since the couple is decked out in camo.

Buck Cake

Events To a T

Do you think the cake is venison flavored?

Bag Limit

The Berry 

This bride made sure that her groom had his priorities in line.

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Happy Kid

Army Navy Deals

Most of the folks in this picture are content. One boy simply couldn’t be happier. Can you spot him in all the camo?

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12 Camo Weddings: Dresses, Cakes and the Perfect Photo Opp [PICS]