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12 Awesome Camping Hacks to Try This Season [PICS]

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These awesome camping hacks will improve your outdoor experience and make life easier on your next camping trip.

After all, George "Nessmuck" Sears was right when he said, "We're not out here to rough it. We're out here to smooth it."

1. The Portable Porta Potty

All you need to make this nifty stool is a milk crate, a five gallon bucket, and a toilet seat. Never lean against a tree again.

Portable Potty

2. Truck Bed Motel

Put a cap on your pickup, install a mattress and sleep in comfort.

truckbed wos

3. Store Your Spice

Reused and labeled tic-tac containers are perfect for storing spices. This awesome camping hack  will ensure that you and your crew eat well.

spices wos

4. Hang Those Pots

A belt and some wire hooks fixed to a tree make a great pot holder at camp.

pot holder wos

5. Rake in Some S'mores

A lawn rake is the perfect tool for roasting hot dogs or making s'mores for a crowd. Just make sure it is clean.

rake skewer wos


6. The Tailgate Toilet

This toilet seat attaches to the tow hitch of your truck. Unless you are leaving immediately, I suggest adding a bucket to this set up.

tailgate toilet wos

7. Make a Tote Tub for Your Kids

Plastic totes are great for hauling your camping gear. After you unpack them they are also great for cleaning those dirty little devils up.

tote tub wos

8. DIY Firestarters

Fill toilet paper tubes with dryer lint to make a lightweight, free, and effective firestarter.

fire starters wos

9. Light Up the Night

Strap a headlamp to a gallon jug of water to fill your tent with light.

jug light wos

10. Cool Your Camp Down

Use bungie cords to suspend a box fan from your easy up and enjoy the cooling breeze.

fan wos

11. Make Your Own Candles

Fill an Altoids tin or some bottle caps with wax and wicks to make some easy and cheap candles. Add some citronella and keep bugs at bay.

candles wos

12. Start a Fire with Doritos

No kindling? No problem. A handful of Doritos will get that fire going in no time.

doritos wos


Be prepared!

All images from YouTube





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12 Awesome Camping Hacks to Try This Season [PICS]