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12 Amazing Wooden Wildlife Carvings [PICS]

These amazing carvings are sure to be loved by anyone who loves the outdoors.

Vectis Ventures

The ability to create things with you hands from wood is a skill many people marvel at. Some artists can create carvings from a single block of wood or sometimes whole trees that are a wonder to see. Some are so life-like that they are just short of actually breathing.

People who can do this with nothing more than a knife or a chainsaw have always amazed me. I am currently learning how to hand-carve basswood from my grandfather who has been doing it for years. While searching around to find myself a good starting subject I began to stumble upon some really amazing carvings that I just had to share.

Click through the slideshow to see 12 amazing wooden wildlife carvings.

Turkey by Sam and Lilly Nottleman


SongBird Garden

If this turkey wasn’t so realistic I would take it out into the field to use during turkey season. I guarantee that would have any hunter and tom fooled into trying to get it.

Trout by Daniel Black


Daniel Blackstone Studio

I would love to have this piece to decorate my house or to gift to my grandparents for their cabin in the mountains. It truly looks more like a mount than a wood sculpture. Daniel Stone has more amazing pieces like this up for sell on his website.

Wild Boar by Peter Buri



The amount of work that must have went into making this is unimaginable. You can just see the care and detail that went into this piece at every little detail.

Owl Bench



The things people can do with a chainsaw and a tree never ceases to amaze. Just being able to contain the raw power of a chainsaw to maneuver it so gently over a tree to create details is incredible. I couldn’t imagine trying to carve those smaller owls especially with less powerful tools, much less a chainsaw.

Bear With a Steelhead Salmon



This bear isn’t the most detailed piece I have seen, but is more complex than most. The ability to carve not only one, but two separate creatures from a single piece of wood takes incredible skill. I could not find the artist who created this, but kudos to him for this great piece.

“Glory” the Chainsaw Buffalo by Tim Hogan


Texas Crazy

This is another great replica of a full-sized American buffalo carved with a chainsaw. It took Tim Hogan six months to complete this to scale sculpture that weighs 2.5 tons. It is being considered for the world record for the largest wooden bison sculpture ever created.

Wooden Deer Mount


Restoration Hardware

This mount would look great in any nature lover’s home. These were hand-carved from basswood by a company called Restoration Hardware, but unfortunately they no longer sell them.

Antique Duck Decoy by Bill Anthony


Antique Helper

Don’t let its appearance fool you, this is a hand-carved and painted duck decoy. Bill Anthony was an avid duck hunter who also loved wood working. He passed away earlier this year from cancer, but it looks like he will live on through his amazing work.

Driftwood Eagle by Jeff Rouitto


Jeff Rouitto

This inspiring piece was created by artist Jeff Rouitto in Washington. He collects drift wood from the beaches where he combines, and carves them into the beautiful pieces. You should really go check out more of his work on his website.

Bugling Elk by Bob King


Bob King

Bob King is a master of his medium and his chainsaw. The things he can do will literally blow your mind. like this award-winning piece of a bull elk bugling. For more of his amazing art visit his website.

Antique “Black Forest” Moose



These “Black Forest” sculptures come from early 19th century Switzerland. This style has been passed down from generation to generation and are created to represent things seen in their everyday lives.

The Ole Crow by Ken Jewell


Jewells n Wood

Ken Jewell is a wood carver who specializes in birds and waterfowl. I just really like the life he instills into his pieces while still allowing you to see each stroke of his tools in the grain of the wood.

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12 Amazing Wooden Wildlife Carvings [PICS]