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111-Year Old Cassius is King of the Crocs [VIDEO]

Dinosaurs do exist! This crocodile is one gigantic reptile that you have to see!

Over a century old, this crocodile, named Cassius, has had plenty of time to grow to his current massive size. The regular meals and safety of living in captivity haven’t hurt either.

Check out this video from for a closer look at just how large Cassius really is.

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Cassius, named after Cassius Clay (better known as Muhammad Ali), tips the scales at 2,200 pounds and measures in at 18 feet long. Those are truly monstrous proportions. Cassius was caught in 1984 after he began attacking boats in the Northern Territory of Australia. Crocodile hunter George Craig then relocated Cassius to Marineland Melanesia, which he opened in 1969.

Cassius is missing his right foreleg and the tip of his tail; scars of battles for dominance in the wild. He was named the longest crocodile in captivity by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2011. However, he lost the crown to Lolong, a crocodile that measured 20 feet long that was caught in the Philippines. Lolong has since died allowing Cassius to reclaim the record.

Do you think that there is an even bigger crocodile lurking in the wild somewhere? Share your opinion in the comments section below.


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111-Year Old Cassius is King of the Crocs [VIDEO]