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This 11-Year-Old’s First Elk Hunt Could Not Have Gone Better

Isaac Jacobsen went on his first elk hunt with his father and wasn’t disappointed with the outcome.

Any outdoorsman or woman with kids knows how rewarding it is to share our experiences with our children, whether it’s their first elk hunt or their first fishing trip. It’s even more rewarding when they are finally old enough to be the one holding the weapon or rod themselves.

Follow along as 8-time World Champion elk caller Corey Jacobsen takes his son Isaac on his first elk hunt.

Great hunt Isaac!

Sharing our passion for the outdoors with our children is crucial for the future of our favorite pastimes. Plus, it’s just plain fun.

Even if you don’t have the opportunity to take your child on their first elk hunt, you can find ways to get them outdoors and enjoying the natural world. Whether it’s a fishing trip, a hunt for wild turkeys and/or morel mushrooms, or floating a nearby river, getting outdoors with your child will strengthen your relationship and allow them to share your passion.

Start planning your next parent/child outdoor excursion today.


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This 11-Year-Old’s First Elk Hunt Could Not Have Gone Better