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11-Year-Old Maine Girl Nearing Hunting Slam

Sun Journal

Two of Maine's big game animals are checked off her list, with just one more to go.

For Lexi Mack of Woodstock Maine, hunting has been a passion for the past two years that she has taken to the woods chasing big game. Her grandfather, Rick Mack, has been with her every step of the way showing her the ways of being a hunter.

This year, Lexi has already taken a bear and a moose. All she has left is a Maine whitetail deer and she will be go down in the family record books as the first Mack to accomplish such a feat.

For Lexi (or anyone, for that matter) to reach a Maine hunting slam, the odds are certainly stacked against her. Her first big obstacle was being lucky enough to be picked for a moose tag. In just her second year of applying in the lottery system, she was successful. After a week long challenge, she pulled the trigger on a 1,100-pound bull with a rack bigger than she was.

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"We thought the hardest was going to be the bear, but it was the moose. I was so happy I was almost crying," Lexi told the Sun Journal. "Papa (her grandfather) hasn't shot one that big."

Speaking of that bear, she tagged out on him just a few hours into opening morning on her first attempt at harvesting the species. With those two animals checked off her 2014 list, all that is left is a deer. This is where the math comes into play.

According to Maine's Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, hunters who purchase a deer license are only successful 17% of the time. Bear hunters, on contrast, are successful 30%, and those people that get a moose draw from the lottery, are successful a whopping 72%. As you can see, she will need some luck on her side.

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If Lexi does end up taking down a deer by the end of 2014, she will have done something that no one else in her family has ever accomplished. Her grandfather has come close several times but hasn't been able to officially make the claim.

"My game plan for the deer is counting on him," Lexi said, referring to her grandfather Rick, "and pulling the trigger."

What do you think? Will Lexi tag a deer and claim a Maine hunting slam? I for one, hope she does!

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11-Year-Old Maine Girl Nearing Hunting Slam