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11-Year-Old Just Misses Wisconsin Lake Trout Record [PICS]

Duluth News Tribune

The current Wisconsin lake trout record will continue to stand, for now. 

On June 27th, 11-year-old Connor Seeger was fishing with is dad on Lake Superior near the Apostle Islands.

All of sudden, Connor’s rod went down and he set the hooks into the fight of lifetime. After a battle that lasted over an hour and 15 minutes, a massive Wisconsin lake trout was in the boat.

In an interview with the Duluth Tribune News, it was reported that Connor’s lake trout registered 46 pounds, 12 ounces. The current Wisconsin lake trout record, on the books since 1946, stands at 47 pounds even.

“It felt like pulling up a big log,” said Connor. “Dad said not to freak out, but when it started to come up, he started to freak out.”

“That was pretty neat to see,” said Joe Seeger, Connor’s dad. “Just seeing it come up from the abyss.”

Duluth News Tribune

After taking some other measurements of the fish, it also registered an overall length of 47 inches with a 37 inch girth. Even though the fish was close to the record, according to the digital scale in the boat, Seeger opted not to get it weighed on certified scales. They plan to get the fish mounted instead.

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11-Year-Old Just Misses Wisconsin Lake Trout Record [PICS]