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An 11-Year Old Girl Shot a Cougar, What Did You Do Today?

An 11-year old girl shot a cougar in Twisp, Washington after it threatened her older brother.

The Wenatchee World reported that on Tuesday the girl killed the exceptionally thin female cougar after it followed her 14-year old brother to the family’s home. The young lady had a mountain lion hunting tag and

“This cougar was very, very skinny,” said state Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) officer Cal Treser in the article. “She was about 4 years old and should have weighed about 100 pounds, but she was only 40 or 50 pounds,” he said.

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More Teens Putting Adults to Shame

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Here’s to this young lady, not only a hunter in the making, but a true hunter in our opinion.

Twisp, Washington is around a four-hour drive northwest of Seattle.

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The Spokesman-Review had more on the story, reporting that the children’s father, Tom White, had chased the cougar away from their calves twice before the incident. The 14-year old boy left the house to feed their dogs, and while returning he saw the female cougar.

The WDFW has tracked and killed five cougars this winter for attacking domesticated animals in the area. Five special dog hunting permits were also issued in response to the large number of cougar encounters.

Experts believe the increase in big cat problems could be caused by harsh winters affecting cougars and deer, their main prey. Other possibilities include more cougars moving into the area, creating high predatory competition.

Have you seen an influx of mountain lions in your area? Comment below.

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An 11-Year Old Girl Shot a Cougar, What Did You Do Today?