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This 11-Year-Old Girl is Best Fly Caster You’ve Ever Seen

This girl is a flat out amazing fly caster. 

Tiger Woods changed golf. Kevin VanDam changed professional bass fishing. Michael Jordan changed basketball. Now, 11-year-old Maxine McCormick is changing fly fishing. This girl is absolutley embarrassing some of the biggest and best names in the sport at fly fishing casting competitions all around the US. As you are about to see, it’s not just in the kid’s division either. It’s against adults.

Here’s a recent news report breaking down exactly what this incredibly gifted fly caster is doing. She’s so good, there’s only been a few people in recent history that have actually been able to beat her!

As you just heard, she is one of the most accurate and dominate casters for both male and female fly caster competitions for all ages. At just 11-years-old, that’s insane. To think this girl is actually just getting started is fascinating. It takes years to develop the techniques McCormick has already mastered. In the world of fly fishing, this arrow is only pointing up.

I’ve been fly fishing now for about five years full time. I’m also in my low 30s. What this girl can do just puts me to shame. You know what though? I’m pretty much fine with that. However, if I’m half as good as she is one day, I’d take that and be very happy.



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This 11-Year-Old Girl is Best Fly Caster You’ve Ever Seen