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11 Things That Every Deer Hunter Didn’t Know They Needed [PICS]

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Here are 11 things that the average deer hunter had no idea they were lacking in the deer woods.

This is the big list of things you didn't know you needed to chase your favorite game.

It is narrowed down to a smaller size just to give you an idea of those outside-of-the-box items that will help you bag that elusive whitetail this season.

Enjoy a taste of the unusual and remember to tell your friends where you saw it first!

1. Google Fishing and Hunting Solunar Time App

Retail: $3

So you washed your hunting clothes, yourself, and even dried everything with a "fresh earth" dryer sheet?

You put your sandwiches and drinks in your backpack, attached a scent pad to your boot, and got all the way up in your treestand? The only problem is: you forgot what time the sunrise is!

Well, never again with this simple app download. Don't be like that guy down the woods that's blazing away at 6:38 a.m. on a 7:05 sunrise! You did remember your phone, right?

Goggle Play
Google Play

2. Crosman Treestand Companion Kit

Retail: $420.80

There's nothing worse than getting excited about those leaves crunching behind you only to turn and see an infamous "tree rat" scurrying through the underbrush.

With the Treestand Companion you have an amazing and quiet 3,000 PSI of compressed air to take down squirrels out to 40 yards.

Yeah, we all want one of these.


3. Duck Commander Realtree Max-4 Layout Blind

Retail: $129.99

First of all, I love that look on your face right now! Back one of these bad boys up to your favorite tree, lie down and relax.

This is ground blind hunting to the extreme. Friends I know that try this method get up-close looks at deer that you wouldn't believe!

Seriously though: this is a method best left to your own private property. My suggestion is that you never try using any ground blind on public hunting land.

Midway USA
Midway USA

4. Code Blue Temptation Electronic Scent Warmer

Retail: $19.99

Deer=mammal=warm-blooded animal. Let that doe-in-estrous you paid all that money for steam!

I like using intruder buck urine at certain times and if the deer you're targeting by rattling and grunting thinks that his rival is close by then he'll come in snorting fire and ready for a fight.

Gander Mountain
Gander Mountain

5. Alpaca Socks

Retail: $19.99

You heard me, alpaca socks- the warmest thing you will ever put on your feet.

Put this one on your Christmas list because that special person in your life has something to look for; they can get you the most heinous design you ever saw, and you don't care because they're buried deep inside your favorite hunting boots.

Alpaca Mall
Alpaca Mall

6. Buck Bomb Corn Holer

Retail: $9.99

Wherever legal, this little easy-to-carry item produces some great results.

As long as you can keep the other critters off of it long enough for the deer to find it they will devour the "Corn Holer."

If something else shows up to eat it, well, see item #2 on this list!

Dick's Sporting Goods
Dick's Sporting Goods

7. TickKey Tick Remover

Retail: $7.95

You should be using some kind of gloves to field dress your deer, but in any event, deer and deer ticks go hand in hand.

This little device fits into any kit or backpack and with the good reviews it gets, you should load one in your possibles bag today!


8. Cabela's SLT Aluminum Pot Call

Retail: $59.99

Don't look at me like that. You needed a new one for next spring anyway; and you should know that where the deer are, the turkeys are.

A few well balanced clucks and purrs will make a nervous fall flock of birds settle in and hang around.

Never doubt the power of one species' reaction to another- what a turkey sees and hears, the whitetail knows about.


9. Excalibur Four-Tray Dehydrator

Retail: $169.99

Okay, so you're not going to take this one out to your treestand, but you were planning on bringing home the big boy, right?

With all the other helpful madness included herein, I just knew that you would need something to take care of all that good, nutritious venison now in your harvesting little paws.


10. Deer Dander

Retail: $14.99

Everybody's got that one go-to item that we can't do without.

We all use some kind of scent while deer hunting and sometimes the most basic thing can be the most important thing.

Not every single doe is in heat during the season so that makes it even more important not to stand out.

This stuff is a good way to make you invisible and takes one more thing out of the deer's nose that will make him cautious.


11. Guido's Web Harness Stand

Retail: $335.00

The stealthy and lightweight harness called the Guido's Web is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy a deer hunt.

According to Guido's their "Web" stand "has passed industrial strength standards testing and is rated at 300 lbs"

With the advantage of being able to use almost any tree, and in a seated position, you have the possibility of hunting areas where the sign is the most fresh.

Guido's Outdoors
Guido's Outdoors

Here's hoping that you enjoyed a crazed little trip to some of the more unusual ways to try and bag that big buck you've been watching all year.

Everybody has a little something they carry in their head that's unique to them and their ways of approaching whitetail hunting.

Now that you have a few more things to think about when it comes to deer hunting, do you think that any of these would work where you hunt?

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11 Things That Every Deer Hunter Didn’t Know They Needed [PICS]