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11 PVC DIY Camping Projects You'll Want for This Summer

11 PVC DIY Camping Projects
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As you start to gear up for summertime camping, check out these 11 PVC DIY camping projects that you'll want to give a try.

We know that PVC is one of the most versatile and useful products out there for those who like to build their own gear. Luckily for you, we've got some idea lined up for your next summer adventures.

Check out these 11 PVC DIY camping projects that you can start working on today and have ready to go and under budget for a camping trip this weekend.

1. Camp toilet

11 PVC DIY Camping Projects
The Homestead Survival 

Having a camp toilet where you can actually sit down to go #2 is a game changer for a long term camping trip.

If you are planning on spending some serious time in the woods, spending a few dollars on some PVC and a few minutes of construction will make a huge difference.

2. Fishing rod cases

11 PVC DIY Camping Projects
Michael DeVietro

It's amazing what a big difference it can be to have your fishing rods inside something protective while they are being transported and sitting around camp. All it takes is a couple of pieces of PVC and some end caps to make this easy solution.

3. Trash can

11 PVC DIY Camping Projects

A quick trash can is so easy to make and so much better than trying to hang a bag on a tree limb for the duration of your stay. A PVC trash can is a must on your list of projects coming up soon.

4. Camp stool

11 PVC DIY Camping Projects
Simple Simon and Company

These camp stools don't take long at all to make and they can fold up quite nicely for storage and transport. It makes life around camp a lot easier to know that everyone has a nice clean comfortable place to sit down.

5. Log carrier

11 PVC DIY Camping Projects

When you are trying to gather firewood by hand, it can take quite a while and quite a few trips before you get enough. But, if you have yourself a nice little log carrier made from PVC and rope you can gather twice the wood in half the time.

6. Walking stick

11 PVC DIY Camping Projects

PVC is normally not the first material you think of when you think hiking stick, but with a little effort, it can actually make a really good one.

You'll have to get a thick enough pipe so that it doesn't bend with pressure and then by using some couplings and separators you can actually create a number of waterproof compartments inside your stick that can be stored and used in case of an emergency.

7. Polar Bear Tubes

11 PVC DIY Camping Projects
Wide Open Spaces

We've told you about Polar Bear Tubes before and we'll probably show you again. These little PVC creations are an amazing way to keep your cooler cold all day long and can do it while taking up minimal space inside your cooler.

If you haven't tried them yet it's definitely time to make some.

8. Slingshot

11 PVC DIY Camping Projects
Randy Bachman

No camping trip is complete without a good slingshot. Of course you can always make one out of wood when you get camp set up, or you can make one out of PVC before you go and then you don't have to spend all that time and effort looking for the perfect stick.

9. Camp shower

11 PVC DIY Camping Projects

Of course you can stay at a campground with built in showers, or you can bathe in the river, or you can just skip bathing completely.

However, if you want to enjoy your camping experience and keep your campmates happy at the same time just grab some PVC and build you a camp shower.

10. Towel rack

11 PVC DIY Camping Projects
The 11 Best
11 PVC DIY Camping Projects

Here's a couple of different types of PVC towel racks. The possibilities of just how to build one of these are virtually endless, but having one around after a day on the lake or in the river will be a welcome sight, and your clothes and towels will probably dry much better than just hanging them over the back of a chair.

11. Tent

11 PVC DIY Camping Projects

If you really want to go over the top with your PVC camping gear you can craft yourself a teepee tent from PVC and cloth. We haven't given this one a field review so we can't say just how good it will be but it would be a fun experience, especially for the younger campers out there.

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11 PVC DIY Camping Projects You'll Want for This Summer