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Epic Ride: 11-Foot Hammerhead Shark Caught Out of a Canoe [VIDEO]

Catching a hammerhead shark is a pretty cool feat. Catching an 11-foot hammerhead shark out of a canoe is downright epic.

The angler, known only as Ryan on his YouTube page, and his girlfriend not only hook this beast of a shark, but with the help of other obviously insane canoeists actually land it.

The group was out on their self-described, 5th annual "Point Break'' fishing trip, and it was a doozy.

Can you imagine? Watch the video to see if you could hang.

I don't even know where to start.

They hooked this thing and tried to throw an anchor to slow it down. That not only didn't work, but was about as dangerous as it could have been in the craft these extreme anglers were recreating in. Next, they were hauled around the ocean on quite the sleigh ride as their "sister boat'' attempted to stay with them.

In addition - who finds a woman willing to not only go fishing, but to help you fight a giant shark from a canoe? I'm beyond jealous.

The footage was awesome, the fight was epic and I'm willing to bet the celebration was a blast too.

Nice job, guys.

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Epic Ride: 11-Foot Hammerhead Shark Caught Out of a Canoe [VIDEO]