11 Crazy Animal-Vehicle Collisions Caught on Video

Nothing makes a driver’s heart skip a beat like an animal suddenly darting out across the road.

This scenario plays out every day, and it’s not good for drivers or animals.

We present these videos to you hoping you’ll be a little more cautious next time you’re out driving in an area with a lot of wildlife.

Buck walks away

Most deer-vehicle collisions don’t end well for the deer. This one looks bad, but you’ll be surprised to see this buck get up afterwards, shake things off and walk away.

Deer vs. snowmobile

Snowmobiling the trails at night is a lot of fun. But unfortunately, it’s also a time when the deer are out and about. This one made for a frightening moment.

Police officer sends buck airborne

While it is a police officer’s job to respond to many deer accidents, they sometimes find themselves on the wrong end of them, too. This shocking footage has one officer accidentally sending a buck flying. Amazingly, the buck ran away from this accident as well.

SUV launches moose

Moose are huge animals. Which makes this video absolutely shocking. No one would have believed a moose could be sent flying like this had it not been caught on video for the world to see.

Deer at 100 mph

This one happened back in October when a sheriff’s deputy in Minnesota was responding to an urgent call. He was doing about 100 mph when a deer runs out in front of him.

Rally car launches deer

This one has been making the internet rounds for years. This deer never had a chance, but the driver likely never could have stopped in this scenario either.

Car hits bear

You’re much less likely to hit a bear than a deer, but that doesn’t make the crash any less intense. We’re not sure what happened here, but we doubt it ended well for this poor bear.

Motorcycle vs. deer

It sounds like this guy is starting to record a vlog from his motorcycle when a deer suddenly darts out in front of him. Thankfully, he gets up and seems OK, but it makes for a really frightening moment.

Simply unbelievable

That’s really the only way to describe this deer-vehicle collision in Indiana. This poor doe gets thrown what looks to be at least 50 feet over the roadway.

Motorcycle vs. elk

Not much is scarier than hitting an elk, except hitting an elk on a motorcycle.

Secondary hit

This footage comes from a Minnesota sheriff’s deputy’s dash cam. He isn’t the one who originally hit the deer, but it gets launched into his vehicle just the same in this scary two-car collision.

Sometimes one simply can’t avoid hitting an animal. But, by using caution while driving in areas they frequent, you can greatly reduce them. Stay safe out there everyone!


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