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11 Bizarre and Wacky Gifts for the Fisherman


Choosing the right gift for your favorite fisherman can be tough… but it doesn’t have to be.

What do you buy the fisherman—or woman—who has everything? The easy answer is, of course, more fishing gear. But what if your loved one already has more rods, reels and tackle than he or she knows what to do with? Or maybe the fishermen in your family are so darn particular about their gear that you dare not choose it for them?

Sure, you could always buy yet another fishing t-shirt—and there’s always Bigmouth Billy Bass—but you can also choose some more unique gifts perfect for the fisherman in every family.

Here is a few of our favorites:

Fisherman Bookends

Bookends make great decorative accents in any home. This playful set features a fisherman and his rod on one end, while his catch tries to escape on the other end.

Smartphone Wind Meter

There truly is an app for everything. The Vaavud wind meter and the free Vaavud app turn your smartphone into a high-tech meteorological tool.

Hook, Line and Stinker Toilet Fishing

Perfect for the mischievous fisherman who spends too long in the bathroom, this fun fishing game will keep him entertained no matter how long it takes.

Fisherman’s Cap

This classic wool fisherman’s cap is the perfect gift for your special captain.

Fishing Reel Cufflinks

Dress him up to the nines with these novel cufflinks that display his favorite pastime.

Fisherman’s Custom Bobblehead

What better gift for your favorite fisherman than a personalized bobblehead featuring none other than him (or her) showcasing his favorite hobby? Just submit your fisherman’s photo and a custom head will be molded to match.

Ely Bobblehead

Fisherman’s Bible Cover

This black canvas Bible holder features an attractive image and cites Matthew 4:19.

Fisherman’s Forecaster Weather Station

The Fisherman Forecaster Weather Station is a humorous and accurate way to track daily weather conditions and measure indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.

Personalized Fishing Pail

Customize your favorite fisherman his or her own fishing pail, perfect for sitting on as well as holding the daily catch.

Fisherman Balance Toy

The adorable balance toy is the perfect accent for your favorite fisherman’s table or desktop.

Fisherman Hooked Wine Bottle Holder

This hand-crafted, humorous yet attractive wine bottle holder holds a standard 750mL wine bottle, is made of recycled steel and copper and is perfect for home or office.

What’s the best fishing-themed gift you’ve ever received? Tell us below!

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11 Bizarre and Wacky Gifts for the Fisherman