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11 Best Multipurpose Knives Every Outdoorsman Should Seriously Consider [PICS]

These 11 multipurpose knives ensure you will never leave home unprepared again.
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You're gutting a deer, filleting a fish, trying to make a small fire, just doing any outdoor task far away from home when you wish you had a better tool to get the job done; we've all been there. There are so many great products being made now there is no excuse not to have the exact tool you need.

We've narrowed down these 11 incredible multipurpose knives for every outdoorsman to consider adding to their gear list. No matter what you're doing, be like a boy scout and "be prepared."

Check out the slideshow to see the best multipurpose knives out there. 

Buck PakLite Field Master

Buck Knives

The Buck Knives PakLite Field Master is a knife kit made for hunters. Incredibly light, and, yes, easy to pack (even has a belt loop), the kit includes large skinner, caper, and a gut hook. All three knives feature traction coating, stainless steel, and surgical efficiency. The sheath is also highly functional with removable liners you can zip out and then wash.
As a bonus, the back of the sheath has a zippered pocket making it a great place to store tags, etc.

Buck Selkirk Knife

Buck Knives

The Buck Selkirk knife is a great all-around tool and survival knife. The almost 5-inch, 420HC, drop-point steel blade is big enough to do what you need to do. Its sheath is heavy duty and can be worn vertically or horizontally on your belt. The sheath also features an emergency fire starter/whistle tool.

Bonus: the handle features a steel rear bolster that can be used as a hammer in a pinch.

Havalon Baracuta Edge

Midway USA

Havalon's Baracuta-Edge is a great example of why they are considered one of the best hunting knife companies in the game. The Barracuda-Edge can be used with multiple blades including their saw blade for bone cutting. Overall length is 11 inches so it's perfect for bigger game, filleting, deboning, and more.

Gone Fishing Floating Multipurpose Knife


It's hard to get anything for less than 10 dollars these days but with the Gone Fishing knife you can - and it's actually pretty functional. It floats, has a 5-plus-inch steel blade that can be used for cutting, scaling, and filleting, has a little compass at the end of the handle, and comes with a sheath. Bang for your buck!

Leatherman MUT EOD Multi-Tool Black Oxide


Leathermans are synonymous with multi-tools. And this one is no exception with 17 tools to help you get the job done. Some standout features are a 420HC stainless steel straight/serrated knife, hammer, C4 punch, cleaning rod/brush adaptors, and much, much more. Plus the black oxide looks really cool.

CRKT Guppie Multitool

Kevins Catalog

CRKT's Guppie multitool is a workhorse you can attach to your belt. It's basically the child of a carabiner and knife, on steroids. Features include a carbon stainless steel blade, bit carrier, LED light, bottle opener, jar opener, and wrench.

Victorinox Huntsman Lite


You can't talk about multipurpose without mentioning the Swiss Army knife. Victorinox's Huntsman Lite helps keep them relevant in today's technical world. The Huntsman Lite is classic Swiss Army - designed to last forever and be extremely useful. This upgraded version has an added ballpoint pen, LED light, and screwdriver - plus all the other little tools you need to make sure you are "always prepared."

Real Avid Viscera Hunting Knife

Kevin's Catalog

The Real Avid Viscera Hunting knife is for serious big game field dressing. Everything is efficient, from the co-molded, ergonomic handle, to the center axle that swings the 440 stainless steel blade 180 to reveal the self-cleaning bone saw and oversized gut hook. Overall length is 9 inches and a ballistic nylon sheath is included.

Victorinox Hunter XT


The Victorinox Hunter XT is a strong pocket knife with every essential feature you want riding in your pants pocket. Features like a bone saw, one-hand serrated gut hook and lock blade, screwdriver, and keyring make the Hunter XT your new daily companion.

Randall Made Model 22 Outdoorsman

Randall Knives

Randall knives go way back in American history. From their beginnings in Michigan, to their current home in Florida, these knives are 100% handmade in America. The Outdoorsman is a classic knife that would be useful in any outdoor situation. It's billed as a "beveled blade for the professional outdoorsman."

This is one item you wouldn't want to head into the woods without.

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11 Best Multipurpose Knives Every Outdoorsman Should Seriously Consider [PICS]