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11 of the Most Amazing Antler Carvings [PICS]

Antler Carver

If you love antlers and the outdoors, you can't miss these 11 amazing antler carvings.

There is some amazing wildlife art out there, but creating a masterpiece from an antler is even more breathtaking.

You won't believe what these carvers were able to create. Antlers aren't easy to carve, and the artist can only work with whatever the antler gives them. It's simply amazing what artists are able to create with a hard bone.

Take a look at these 11 amazing antler carvings.

1. Deer Landscape

antler carving

The detail with this piece is extremely impressive. I couldn't image the time it took complete this piece of antler artwork.

2. Antler Inception

06 antler carving
Antler Carver

This carving is absolutely amazing. The antler is carved into more antlers and various other wildlife. This would look awesome in a cabin or mancave.

3. Howling at the Moon

04 wolf

Three wolves and full moon are the subject of this piece. But take the look at the tree on the left, if you look closely it appears there is an antler on the tree. Also the artist did a great job of texturizing the antler and giving a 3D feel.

4. Moose Battle

05 antler

The carving depicts a battle of a century; two mature bull moose battling to death. It's hard to image that before it was an amazing carving, it was simply an antler.

5. Fish Headed Up Stream

Ben Firth Studio

This unique carving creates a fishing scene with a fish headed up stream.

6. Whitetail Buck

Antler Stoart

How can you not like this piece of artwork? Imagine how careful the artist had to be when creating the deer. There are no second changes with carving antlers. Bravo.

7. Rooster Fight

Inka Custom Furniture

A little rooster fight made out of elk antlers, that has to be an original idea. The tail feathers and claw details are stunning.

8. Top of the Food Chain

011 bear carving
Dmitry Gordodestky

This would be a battle to see. Once again, its simply remarkable what these artist are capable of creating.

9. Slithery Serpent


If you're freaked out by snakes, this carving might not be for you. However, the detail and texturing is impressive.

10. Antler Ice Age

Asia Barong

This piece is from China and had to take ages to complete.The wooly mammoth is certainly an interesting piece of subject manner.

11. Moose Chasing Down Wolf

01 moose wolfe
Antler Carver

This carving is one of my favorites. The longer I look at it the more I see and the various details that went into creating this piece of artwork.

These are true works of art. Get out shed hunting and see if you can do anything like this, or at least start practicing!

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11 of the Most Amazing Antler Carvings [PICS]