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10MM Cartridge: Why 1986 Was the Year That Changed Everything

10mm fans all know about the 1986 Miami police shootout where their 38 Specials and revolvers left deputies severely outgunned.

The FBI in turn went and sought a cartridge that was stronger than a .45 ACP, but could keep a steady flat flight path like a 9mm. The 10mm was born after that devastating 1986 firefight so that the FBI could get what they perceived to be real knock down power. Make no mistake the 10mm does give you 357magnum like power in a semi auto pistol.

However, that cartridge can do so much more than just knock down power.

The 10mm can be loaded to hunt anything. People, bear, wild hogs, and anything in between is no match for this cartridge. Some people even argue that it’s possibly the perfect all-around cartridge. The way it’s shown in the video is but a small sample of the power the 10mm holds. Ballistic gelatin also falls short of demonstrating the kinetic dump on human tissue.

I’ve only been training with this cartridge for roughly three years now, but can definitely appreciate the many applications this cartridge can give me. Some people prefer to have two different cartridges to keep their weapons for separate needs. However with this cartridge you get the flight path of the 9mm, and much more muzzle energy than a .45 ACP. I can only hope this cartridge picks up steam with military units like the 300BLK is gaining traction and we can see this become the standard cartridge for our militaries and LEO’s.

If you’re looking for a cartridge that is powerful, flies straight, and can be put in a semi auto pistol look no further. The 10mm covers all the bases and leaves the owners with the trophy. Keep training and stay safe.



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10MM Cartridge: Why 1986 Was the Year That Changed Everything