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This 102-Year-Old Virginia Hunter Credits Hard Work, God for Long Life

At age 102, Clyde Roberts of Evington, Virginia, is the oldest living active hunter today.

Clyde Roberts may be old, but his indomitable spirit allows him to continue doing what he loves: hunting. At age 102, Roberts is one of the oldest living hunters today. What does he credit his longevity to?

"Hard work" and "living for the Lord," he says.

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) profiled Mr. Roberts in their recent Outdoor Report. Some VDGIF staffers recently spent a day with Mr. Roberts and his son, Mike, to learn how hunting positively impacts his life. Clyde shares his story below:

"I like to get up on my treestand," Roberts said. "I've enjoyed hunting."

"The doctor told me two, three years ago, 'I don't think you oughtta be getting up on a treestand'--but I did and I went back and I climbed up in a tree, and still, it's been four or five years, and I'm still hunting," he said.

The interviewer asked Mr. Roberts, "How long to you want to keep hunting?" Roberts responded, "Well, if I don't hunt anymore, I'm satisfied."

When asked about his father's favorite moment in history, his son Mike said his father fondly recalls the day he first received electricity.

Isn't this a heartwarming story? All of us sportsmen and women should aspire to be like Mr. Roberts and go outdoors no matter how old we get.

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This 102-Year-Old Virginia Hunter Credits Hard Work, God for Long Life