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10,000 Spiders Overtake Ohio Bridge [VIDEO]

If you saw 10,000 spiders on a bridge and you had to get to the other side, would you swim? 

Once a year on Main Street Bridge in downtown Columbus, Ohio, thousands of spiders swarm this iconic landmark to feast on millions of bugs. So many in fact, people not familiar with this buggy tradition tend to think that Columbus decorated the bridge in spider webs to be festive for Halloween.

Luckily for all the people passing by on the bridge, these spiders are called orb weavers and they are harmless to everything, except for the bugs.

So where did all these spiders come from? The city of Columbus created a 33-acre park with 800 trees and 75,000 plants. This new park in the middle of Columbus brings a ton of bugs, and therefore, the spiders are there eating them.

Those spiders can just stay there if you ask me.

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10,000 Spiders Overtake Ohio Bridge [VIDEO]