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1,000-Pound Polar Bear Rescued from Fishing Net [PICS]


A 1,000-pound polar bear, in the water, entangled in a fishing net, on a remote Arctic coastline. Sounds like a real problem!

This bear was discovered near the village of Kaktovik, near the Beaufort Sea in Alaska, floating in the water.

Biologists from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service teamed up with locals to immobilize the bear from a helicopter while keeping it afloat with buoys.

The USGS posted an update on their Facebook page on Saturday.

The rescue team brought the sedated animal onto land, where they untangled it and found it was uninjured. Upon waking, the bear safely wandered off, back into the wild.

Kaktovik is a village of 239 residents on the North Slope of Alaska, inside the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and within the Arctic Circle.

Great work, all.

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1,000-Pound Polar Bear Rescued from Fishing Net [PICS]