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100-Pound Carp Caught in Hungary Just Misses World Record

All images via Daily Mail

A 100-pound carp? You can't be serious...

Warren Harrison has one serious hobby of chasing giant carp. As a matter of fact, his hobby is so serious, he drove 2500 miles to Hungary to fish in a 28 acre lake famous for giant carp.

Harrison's determination was rewarded in a big way when he brought an incredible 100-pound carp to certified scales.


"As soon as I got to my rod and felt it I realised it was massive, and I turned to my mate and said: 'This is a monster,'" Harrison said in an interview with the Daily Mail. "Half an hour is a very long time to try and land a fish, my arms were in agony and sweat was just pouring down my face. I was boiling hot, but it was so cold even our kettle had frozen solid."

Eventually, all of Harrison's hard work paid off and the 100-pound carp was up on shore. However, it could not have been done without a little help from Harrison's buddy to hoist it up.


"I couldn't pick it up and we had to both lift it to be weighed," he said. "My fingers were trembling with the weight when I posed for the pictures. It wasn't a world record but I'm still pretty chuffed with it, as it's the second biggest carp caught by a British angler."

Weighing in at 101 pounds, the Harrison carp is just four pounds off of the world record that stands at 105 pounds, also from Hungary.

Regardless of the world record or not, a triple digit carp that measures over five feet long is an enormous feet no matter where you are.


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100-Pound Carp Caught in Hungary Just Misses World Record