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100 of the Best Reasons Camping is So Great


Camping is one of the best ways to reconnect with nature and so much more. 

There is no better way to really spend time in the outdoors than camping. Just yourself, maybe some friends or the family, and the beauty of nature. Sometimes that is all it takes to just forget your problems and get a fresh start.

If you don't think camping is for you check out these 100 reasons why it is so great and you will rethink your decision.

1. You get to enjoy the great outdoors.

2. Sleeping under the stars.

3. S'mores.

4. Campfires.

5. Cooking meals over a fire.

6. Setting up a new tent.

7. Fresh air.

8. It's fun, more so than a lot of other things you could be doing.

9. No cell service.

10. Star gazing.

11. Silence, or at least the soothing sounds of the wilderness.

12. Toasty sleeping bags.

13. Staying up late around the fire.

14. You'll reset your internal clock.

15. Sneaking away to go to the bathroom behind a bush is great.

16. It's peaceful.

17. All the cool gear.

18. It'll help clear your mind.

19. Smelling like campfire smoke is a badge of honor.

20. Late nights and early mornings.


21. Birds chirping as your alarm clock.

22. Seeing beautiful places.

23. Pulling pranks while camping is a classic can't-miss opportunity.

24. Bathing in the lake or river is excellent.

25. No electronics.

26. Improvising can keep you on your toes.

27. Sleeping in a hammock.

28. Cast iron cooking.

29. Crickets chirping you to sleep.

30. Simplicity.

31. Learning new skills.

32. Teaching skills.

33. Getting away from it all.

34. Strange sounds in the middle of the night.

35. Seeing cool places.


36. Hunting for firewood.

37. That feeling when camp is finally set up.

38. Thinking through problems while staring into the campfire.

39. Camp games.

40. The heft of a hatchet as you split wood.


41. Catching fireflies with little ones.

42. Scary stories around the fire.

43. Bigfoot calls.

44. The sound of rain drizzling on a tent.

45. Foraging for wild edibles.

Homestead and Survival
Homestead and Survival

46. Crawling into your tent after a long day of hiking.

47. Exploring.

48. Finding that perfect camping spot.

49. Teaching kids how to tie knots.

50. Letting your kids run wild.

51. Doing nothing.

52. Cowboy coffee.

53. Singing campfire songs.

54. Rocking out on a harmonica.

55. Jiffy Pop popcorn.

56. Realizing you didn't forget to pack anything.

57. Scavenger hunts.

58. Spotting that last rock under your tent space before it pokes you in the back all night.

59. The satisfaction of having enough embers left from the night before to restart the fire.

60. Double checking to make sure you have enough TP for the trip, then adding another roll to be safe.


61. Undisturbed afternoon naps.

62. Dirt cheap vacation.

63. Finding out what dark really is.

64. Meeting new friends from other campsites.

65. Stick sword fights with the kids (and eventually other adults.)

66. Finding out just how little you can get by with.

67. No rush hour.

68. Wildlife watching.

69. Practicing survival skills.

Knife stuck into a tree in forest

70. Wide Open Spaces.

71. Creating memories that last forever.

72. Playing with glow sticks.

73. Every meal is a picnic.

74. Trying new foods.

75. Waking up early to watch the sunrise.

76. Watching your kids just be kids.

77. The race to get all your gear in the tent as a rainstorm approaches.

78. Having just enough bug spray.

79. Taking amazing photos.

80. Liquor, beer, or wine in a tent or by a fire.


81. Reading a book in peace.

82. No one cares that you get a little dirty.

83. Going long periods without seeing another person.

84. The intoxicating feeling of cool nights and a warm fire.

85. Teaching your kids to appreciate nature.

86. The excitement of the family dog running around camp.

87. Everyone feels the need to wear flannel.

88. Freaking that one friend out that has never been camping before by telling them there are bears around when you know there aren't (you think).

89. Learning just how well you can actually see in the dark.

90. Building experience so that every camping trip becomes easier than the last.

91. Te satisfaction of hammering tent stakes into the ground.

92. Catching fish and cooking them right over the fire for dinner.

93. The challenge of cooking biscuits in a pan.

94. Making shadow puppets on the wall of the tent.

95. Campfire food always tastes better.

96. You can do it year round.

97. It can be as simple or complex as you want to make it.

98. Great thing to go do if you just want to be alone.

99. Learn to identify plants.

100. One of the best yearly family traditions you can ever start.

Doesn't this just make you want to load up your gear and head out? Make sure to take the kids so they can unplug and make some lasting memories.

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100 of the Best Reasons Camping is So Great