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Wisconsin 10-Year-Old Kills Two Deer with One Impressive Shot

two deer with one shot

I've heard of killing two birds with one stone but killing two deer with one shot is even more impressive.

Every hunter remembers their first kill, and their first miss. But not often do they both happen on the same day or in such an extraordinary way as happened to young Kyler Verbeten.

Kyler is a 10-year-old boy who went deer hunting in Greenleaf, Wisconsin for the first time with his father Matt.

Check out the full story below from WBAY in Wisconsin who were able to interview Kyler and Matt after the 10-year-old killed two deer with one shot.

This is a story that all of the Verbeten family will remember for a long time and one that is sure to help convince a young hunter to hit the woods this fall.

If this can happen to Kyler, there is a chance it can happen to anyone. A very slim chance, but now we know it's possible.

Congratulations to Kyler and all of the first-time deer hunters who have had success so far this season. Be sure to help spread the word of just how much fun a day of hunting can be.


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Wisconsin 10-Year-Old Kills Two Deer with One Impressive Shot