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10-Year-Old Georgia Boy Bags a BIG Buck


Seasoned hunters who have spent lifetimes in the woods may never have this chance. This time, a 10-year-old Georgia boy bags a big buck.

Randal Holder of Hawkinsville, Georgia has harvested a 150-class buck. Randall is only 10 years old.

The massive, middle Georgia buck was shot on Thanksgiving morning in Houston County. Holder’s father, Doug, was capitalizing on his son’s break from school and taking him to the woods for some quality time spent hunting.

The duo had noticed the big buck early in the season. The encounter lasted only a few seconds before the buck was gone, but he had not been spooked so hope remained for another opportunity.

They placed out trail cams in hopes spotting him again, but to no avail. Even during the rut they didn’t catch another glimpse of this deer.

Nonetheless, the two planned to spend lots of time hunting while Randal, who’s nickname is Boom, was on break from classes. When strong winds died down on Thanksgiving morning, they heard what sounded like other deer rifles being fired in the distance.

Photo courtesy of GON

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Boom, and of course Doug, were more and more excited the closer they got to the deer. The moment they finally got up close did not disappoint, either. This buck was big and they both knew it.

Doug recalled the hunt through “Georgia Outdoor News”:

Around 8:15 we caught movement, and it turned out to be the tall, dark-antlered buck walking quickly through the woods. He was heading in the direction of one of our shooting lanes. Boom got ready with his .243, and I got the camera rolling. The buck continued to walk until he stopped in our shooting lane. Without hesitation, Boom placed a shot just behind the shoulder. We were able to watch the buck run a short distance and then expire.

For Boom, it was definitely the hunt of a, relatively short, lifetime. Doug couldn’t be prouder of his 10 year old boy.

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10-Year-Old Georgia Boy Bags a BIG Buck