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10-Year-Old Disabled Child Takes First Deer in Emotional Hunt


Any time a kid takes their first deer, it's an incredible experience.

An incredibly uplifting story is surging through deer hunting circles all over the country. A 10-year-old boy with cerebral palsy took down his first deer and the reaction of the incident was caught on video by his extremely proud father.

Dana Sanders and his 10-year-old son, Jason were hunting over their food plot under perfect conditions in the middle of the afternoon of opening weekend.

"The front that had come through made our north wind tents on our best food plot a premium place to put Jason for that afternoon and around 2:30, we made our way with all of his chair, foot stool, rifle rests and stuff," said Dana in an interview.

Before they knew it, 10 deer walked right out onto the food plot directly in front of their blind. Almost immediately, Jason began to get excited.

What happened next is almost like magic. Dana aimed and steadied the gun. Jason placed his trigger finger on top of his fathers, and they both pulled the trigger together.

The reaction of Dana after shooting his first doe was absolutely priceless.

Listening to how excited Dana was for his son made me excited to be in a similar situation with my son one day, too.

Congrats Jason! What an amazing accomplishment!


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10-Year-Old Disabled Child Takes First Deer in Emotional Hunt