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10-Year-Old Catches Record Tuna! [VIDEO]

500-lb tuna

A 10-year-old has caught what could be the new world record tuna for his age class–the fish weighed a whopping 486 pounds!

Koen Norton has been chasing tuna for some time out of Naufrage Harbor on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

He reports that the record tuna took an hour to land.

Because he was chasing the record, Koen landed the tuna all by himself. His father, Greg, is a charter boat captain, so Koen has been trained by a professional.

After landing it, the Nortons are shipping the tuna to Japan to sell. The fish could be worth as much as $7,500 USD!

When asked what his plans were the day after catching the record, Koen said he wanted to go back out and fish some more.

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10-Year-Old Catches Record Tuna! [VIDEO]