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10-Year-Old Breaks Own World Record with 850-Pound Tuna [PICS]

Pictures via CBC News

Not only has this kid caught one world record, he went for the repeat.

You might remember this story from a few months back. 10-year-old Keon Norton caught a Smallfry IGFA world record tuna weighing in at 486 pounds. Considering the current record for a bluefin tuna in this category was under 50 pounds, he crushed that record fairly easily.

Well, Norton is at it again. This time, the 10-year-old caught a tuna almost double the size of his last one. This definite Smallfry new world record tuna tipped the scales at an incredible 847.7 pounds!

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 19.02.13

"When I saw it come out of the water I thought I had a record that was never going to be broken," Norton said.

"He was pulling and dragging me around, but I handled him," Norton exclaimed. "He was pretty big."

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 19.02.18

This giant fish came near Prince Edward Island, with a little help from the guidance of Keon's father, Greg, who happens to be a tuna charter boat captain.

Pictures via CBC News

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10-Year-Old Breaks Own World Record with 850-Pound Tuna [PICS]