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10-Year-Old Breaks 2 Striped Marlin Records in 2 Days

Two striped marlin records might just might be the beginning for this girl. 

Makayla Bittigieg was fishing with her father along the New South Wales coast when something absolutely extraordinary happened. On a fishing trip together, this 10-year-old girl set hooks into two new Australian striped marlin records. However, it was day two of their trip that really made the headlines.

Day 1 striped marlin

Bittigieg’s day one striped marlin, a brute weighing in at 203.9 pounds, was taken on 15 kg line and put her squarely in the country’s record books for her line class. To follow up this record-breaking fish, on day two, she just went ahead and broke another line class striped marlin record.

Day 2 striped marlin

As a matter of fact, this fish was so big it also qualified as a line class IFGA world record weighing in at 324.1 pounds on 24 kg line.

As Makayla said in an interview, she found all this to be very unexpected.

“I was relieved, I was sweaty and exhausted and very happy,” she said said after finally getting the big fish into the boat. “The line nearly went in the water a few times.”


Now after this young lady has already etched her name into history twice in one week, she is looking for more.

“I want to try to get some tuna records soon,” she said. If you are like me, I sort of have a feeling she will.

All images via Herald Sun AU



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10-Year-Old Breaks 2 Striped Marlin Records in 2 Days