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10-Year-Old Bowhunter Havests Largest Idaho Black Bear This Year

Spokesman Review

To take any Idaho black bear with a bow is an accomplishment, but the biggest this year?

Sam Sherman of Eagle, Idaho might have just made himself famous, at least for the 2015 Idaho black bear archery season. As of right now, he has taken what is being considered the largest black bear by archery this year for the state.

The final results of the 2015 season, and whether or not Sherman may have actually taken the largest archery black bear, are still some time away.

“We won’t know for awhile yet,” said Sam’s father, Tad Sherman in an interview with the Spokesman Review. “The skull has to dry for at least sixty days before taking the official measurement.”


These measurements are important because the hunter who harvests the largest archery bear is recognized by the Idaho State Bowhunters and given the Best of Species award, a goal that Sherman was after, even considering this was his first ever archery hunt.

What’s more, Sherman’s bear might even qualify for the Pope and Young archery record books. In order to qualify for this exclusive club, the length plus the width of a black bear’s skull has to measure 18 inches. When Sherman’s bear was green scored upon the harvest on September 18th, it was almost 20 inches. It seems like a safe bet.

The overall size of Sherman’s bear was also very impressive. Lengthening out at six feet, six inches long and weighing in over 400 pounds, this black bear would be considered pretty big just about anywhere black bears live.

Oh, and the reason Sherman had a goal of winning the Best of Species award for the largest Idaho black bear taking during archery season was pretty simple. His dad won that very award back in 2014.


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10-Year-Old Bowhunter Havests Largest Idaho Black Bear This Year