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10 Worst Fishing Gifts


Sometimes the worst fishing gifts will just be put away in the closet to wait for a White Elephant party. 

They might be considered “gag” gifts or maybe the gifter just couldn’t pass the shelf without thinking of you or another fishing buddy. But some of these gifts make you wonder how people spend money on them.

Here are the ten worst fishing gifts.

1. The Floater

This is funny and all but can you imagine pulling out these lures with your fishing buddies? “What a piece of crap.”

If you need this, get one from The Sewer Lure.



2. The Robot Trolling Bobber

No more casting, huh? Well let’s just be even lazier fishermen and let the little robot trolling bobber do our work for us.

If you actually do want to be lazier, or give it as a gift, get one from Trolling Bobber.


3. Bad Fishing T-shirt

This is funny until your girlfriend sees it. Get one from Etsy.


4. Stupid Fishing Sunglasses 

These are actually pretty cool…But again, imagine whipping these bad boys out on the boat. Talk about Miami Vice.

They are from Europe, obviously, so you can get them from this site for probably too many euro.



5. Rifle Rod

This is actually kind of perfect but still a bit silly. There’s a video about it.


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6. Very Fine Sandals

These are very fine indeed. Get some here to give to that special fishing pal to laugh at him later when he wears them with socks.


7. Great Fishing Vest

This outfit isn’t so bad for your fishing gal. Or maybe it is.

Yankee Whiskey Papa/ Blogspot

8. Perfect Fishing Outfit

For fishing in the tropics.

Photobucket/Kenny J Man

9. Fishing Hat

Well, aren’t these just charming. Get one here to see the look on someone’s face when they unwrap this pleasantry.


10. DIY Fishing Gift

If you make this for someone, I bet they would be pretty happy.

Bunt’s Blog

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10 Worst Fishing Gifts