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10 Worst Bigfoot Sighting Fails Ever [PICS]

bigfoot sighting feature
Red Orbit

I can't stop looking at these Bigfoot sighting fails. I mean...really?

bigfoot sighting 5
Doubtful News

I'm not here to question whether there's a giant, hairy, smelly humanoid creature out there. Heck, that probably describes at least one of your second cousins or in-laws.

There are thousands of pictures online all claiming to be real photographic proof of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or whatever you want to call it.

But it's pretty clear that these aren't those types of images. Some are more believable than others and all deserve some creativity points. One thing's for sure though: they are all epic and hilarious fails.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization probably doesn't appreciate these types of hoaxes, but they certainly are entertaining to look at.

Check out the slideshow to see the worst bigfoot sighting fails ever.

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1. Computer-generated Bigfoot sighting

bigfoot sighting 1


It's a halfway decent creation, so you've got to give props for that.

2. Florida Bigfoot Skinny Dipping?

bigfoot sighting 2


They found it! The elusive skunk ape of Photoshop.

3. Movember Mustache Winner

bigfoot sighting 3

Bigfoot Evidence

"Excuse me, I mustache you to not take my picture."

4. Chuck Norris

bigfoot sighting 4

Conspiracy Journal

Bigfoot is like an even hairier Chuck Norris. It watches a brush pile until it spontaneously combusts in fear.

5. Creepy doll eyes

bigfoot sighting 5

Doubtful News

At least they got the natural setting to look good for this Bigfoot sighting.

6. Were-Bigfoot?

bigfoot sighting 6


I'm pretty sure I bought those same hands for my Halloween werewolf costume one year.

7. So unimpressed

bigfoot sighting 7

Red Orbit

Bigfoot looks unmistakeably bored with your antics. "Another photographer. Big flippin' deal."

8. Bigfoot on tour

bigfoot sighting 8

NY Daily News

Allegedly, the hunter lured this Bigfoot in with $200 worth of Walmart ribs, shot it, and took it on tour. Those ribs will get you every time.

9. Female Bigfoot

bigfoot sighting 9

Bigfoot Evidence

Not even going there...

10. Finally, a Bigfoot in its natural habitat

bigfoot sighting 10

Chris Devoss

Question: would you still pee next to him?

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10 Worst Bigfoot Sighting Fails Ever [PICS]