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10 Hunters Who Happen to be World Series Players

From ballplayers to bowhunters, these guys know how to enjoy their offseason.

As the 2016 Major League Baseball season is wrapping up, hunting season is beginning to hit its stride. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite World Series players who hunt and share our passion for the outdoors.

10. Mike Timlin

Flickr/Keith Allison

World Series teams: Toronto Blue Jays, Boston Red Sox

Hometown: Midland, TX

Timlin is well known for wearing camouflage under his uniform and playing with a camouflage glove. With his four World Series victories, two with each team, Timlin spends his offseason bowhunting near Lake Okeechobee, Fla., with fellow Red Sox pitchers Tim Wakefield and Matt Ginter. There’s no better way to build a bullpen than bowhunting.


9. Chipper Jones

Flickr/Keith Allison

World Series team: Atlanta Braves

Hometown: DeLand, Fla.

Chipper Jones not only brags about his 468 home runs, but also about the 11-point buck he snagged that scored 184. Now retired from baseball, Jones enjoys deer hunting in south Texas. Jones is also a member of the BuckCommander hunting team.


8. J.D. Drew

Flickr/Jeff Wheeler

World Series team: Boston Red Sox

Hometown: Valdosta, Ga.

Drew spent 10 years in the majors before scoring a World Series win with the Red Sox. But he’s not all baseball on the brain. At training camp in Florida, Drew gave some advice to a reporter on the best practices for hunting alligator with a bow. Drew and his son reportedly once hooked a gator with a fishing lure.


7. Craig Biggio

Flickr/Ed Schipul

World Series team: Houston Astros

Hometown: Smithtown, N.Y.

Craig Biggio grew up in the northeast, but he gained a passion for hunting during his 20-year career in Houston. Biggio hunts all over the country but his favorite place has to be the luxury “box blind” he owns in Alabama. Glamorous and hunting? Glunting?


6. Ted Williams

Flickr/Get Directly Down

World Series team: Boston Red Sox

Hometown: San Diego, Calif.

Known as “The Kid” in the baseball world, Ted Williams was the Man in the hunting and fishing world. Williams was a great hunter and big-game fisherman. He even hosted a fishing show and was hunting and fishing pals with the founder of Ducks Unlimited. Oh, and he’s quite possibly the best baseball player ever, too.


5. Cliff Lee

Flickr/Keith Allison

World Series teams: Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers

Hometown: Benton, Ark.

Cliff Lee owns a hunting property outside Benton, Ark. where he hunts whitetail deer. He hunts so frequently that he got the call he was being traded to the Mariners while he was on his way to his hunting property. I don’t think I’d want to be a deer on that day.


4. David Wells

Flickr/Tom Hagerty

World Series teams: New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays

Hometown: Torrance, Calif.

This two-time World Series champ owns a hunting ranch in Michigan with an old teammate, Kirk Gibson, who was also the first person to take Wells hunting. Bowhunting whitetail is one of his favorite hunting experiences.

“After the first time, I was hooked,” Wells once said about his passion for hunting.


3. Nolan Ryan

Flickr/Chuck Andersen
Flickr/Chuck Andersen

World Series team: NY Mets

Hometown: Refugio, TX

It’s hard for me to believe this hall of fame pitcher had only one World Series appearance during his career, even if it was with the “Amazin’ Mets.” Ryan was once asked if he preferred the pressure of pitching the final outs of a no-hitter or lining up a monster buck in his sights. Nolan said that he gets buck fever just like everyone else, and with pitching, he “just had to focus.”


2. Babe Ruth

Flickr/Dennis S Hurd

World Series teams: Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees

Hometown: Baltimore, Md.

The “Sultan of Swat” wasn’t only known for his on the field habits; He was a cultural icon who loved the outdoors. Because of his popularity, the trophies from his hunts were well documented. Ruth also enjoyed hunting waterfowl and fished year round.

See more of Babe’s hunts here.


1. Jake Peavy


World Series teams: San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox

Hometown: Mobile, Ala.

Jake Peavy is only the third pitcher in MLB history to start a World Series game for two different leagues in consecutive years. Win or lose, there’s no doubt that Peavy will be spending his offseason near his hometown. He said he “get’s the hookup” when he stocks up for his hunts before he disappears into the woods for the hunting season.

Featured image includes pics from Flickr

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10 Hunters Who Happen to be World Series Players