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10 Wildlife Related Halloween Costume Ideas [PICS]

These costumes will get you ready for Halloween.

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Halloween is just around the corner. If you haven’t started thinking of costume ideas, you had better get brainstorming!

From Giraffes to Werewolves, these costumes are sure to get you thinking about what you’d like to be. Whether you’re planning on going for cute or scary, make sure you go all out this year. Need a costume that will be the talk of the party? These ideas are sure to get your brain thinking about some creative ideas!

These wildlife halloween costumes are funny, detailed, and creative. What look will you go as this Halloween?

Giraffe Costume

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This costume will make you the tallest person at the party and it is certainly a costume that will draw attention. You’d better hope no one shows up in a lion costume though…

Deer Costume

Halloween Costumes

This cute deer costume looks very comfortable and fun! Who knew that dressing up as a deer would turn out so charming?

Lumberjack Costume

Halloween Costumes

This outdoorsman lumberjack costume is easy to put together at an affordable price. Check out any thrift store for a flannel shirt and overalls. Then you can check out the kids section for a plastic, axe unless you’d rather bring a real one to the party, which we wouldn’t recommend!

Deer Trophy Head Costume

Spirit Halloween 

This deer trophy head costume won’t scare many people, but it will be funny and a great photo taking opportunity. Your pals will laugh out loud when they see you walk up in this.

Bear Costume


This bear skin costume is a fun idea if you’re a big fan of bear or bear hunting. Its an easy-to-wear costume so you won’t get uncomfortable wearing it after the first few minutes at the party!

Hanging On Mokey Costume

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This costume is super easy to make and another easy one to wear all night. We guarantee all your friends will want to take a turn wearing this monkey on their back!

Bushman Costume


This bushman costume is awesome and sure to be a hit at the party. You can even hide in the bushes and scare people as they walk up.

Shark Costume

Halloween Costumes

This shark won’t scare anyone away, but it might make everyone smile ear to ear. This costume is a good one if you’re accompanying kids on their trick or treating adventures this year!

Camouflage Outdoors Suite


This ridiculous outdoorsman costume is funny and extreme. Its a great way to get a laugh out of some of your outdoorsman friends.

Werewolf Costume


Be careful if you wear this Werewolf costume around children, it might scare them. This costume is perfect for someone who wants to go all out this year for Halloween!

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