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10 of the Wildest Shark Videos on the Internet [VIDEO]

Who needs Freddy Kruger? This is the real stuff nightmares are made of!

Sharks don’t always attack, but when they do…well, check out these crazy clips and find out what happens!

1. Good (GoPro) Grief!

Yep. Take a GoPro out to video some sharks…and it’s sharks your gonna get!

2. Even Sharks like Chicken of the Sea

This shark is singing quite a tuna…

3. When Sharks Miss Dinner

This guy may have missed more than dinner. He’s tryin’ to eat the whole dang cage to get to the good stuff…a little human sushi!

4. Shark: 1 Inflatable Boat: 0

Yes…shark beats rubber, every time.

5. Marlin versus Mako

Al McGlashan was filming a marlin release when a massive mako shark pushed him out of the way to attack the marlin. Once-in-a-lifetime encounter!

Lucky to be Alive!

Check in around the fourth minute for slo-mo of this insane shark attack.

Everybody’s going surfing…and getting attacked by sharks!

The Beach Boys never mentioned that important detail! Check out this recent surfing competition in which pro surfer Mick Fanning is attacked in the middle of a tournament.

Jaws in Training

Somebody should have told this lady that even baby sharks have big teeth.

Shark Chase!

Ever wonder how it would feel to be chased by a shark? Me neither…but I bet there’s somebody out there who has! Check out this footage.

Reefer Madness!

This poor guy is hunting for lion fish but gets a whole lot more.

These might give you nightmares and make you afraid of being in the ocean all over again!

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10 of the Wildest Shark Videos on the Internet [VIDEO]