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10 Whitetail Deer Videos That Will Put Your Very Best to Shame

We got a fever and the only prescription is more whitetail. 10 whitetail deer videos that will make you want to be hunting.

After about eight months of “deer-pression”, we are all ready to be chasing those elusive whitetails. These videos should hold you over until season gets here. Enjoy.

1. Self-filmed 192″ stud

Self filming is challenging and adds so many different elements to a hunt. As you can see, if successful, it can be one of the most rewarding things for a bow hunter. What a giant!

2. Okay Oklahoma, we see you

Oklahoma is doing its best Iowa impression here by creating a monster.

You can bet the guy who got this trail camera video will be putting a lot of effort into harvesting this dude.

3. Talk about quick – what a Shot

Now you see me, now you don’t. This hunter had to react fast and made a great shot just in time.

Hunting from the ground is a tough draw, but this guy made the best of it. Impressive.

4. 200-incher, enough said

The grunt call comes in very handy in this video. Well, 200-inch deer are hard to come by and this guy couldn’t be happier. He doesn’t even hesitate getting into that water.

5. Extremely close

Not your typical whitetail hunt, David Blanton finds himself making a move as soon as they enter the woods. The buck makes his way towards them and gives Blanton the closest shot of his amazing outdoor career.

Good thing he didn’t miss because he would have never heard the end of it from his buddies.

6. Second chance

Getting a crack at a mature buck is difficult, but getting a crack at a second buck after missing one on the same hunt is almost unheard of.

This guy makes the most of his second opportunity and fills his over the counter tag from the ground blind.

7. Kill shot compilation

Nothing will quite get the heart rate up and you jazzed for hunting season like a good ole kill shot compilation.

Talk about shot placement, these deer won’t be going far. Short blood trails make happy hunters.

8. Monster buck with a spear

Tim Wells was determined to get a whitetail with a spear. Ten years later, he connected on this stud in Nebraska.

Yes, a spear. As crazy as it sounds, it is even crazier to watch.

9. Crazy hunt

Now this is something you don’t see everyday. I am sure he is glad he was filming the whole thing, because otherwise his friends wouldn’t believe him. This is one of those situations where you really wish you had another tag.

10. Priceless reaction

Michael Waddell has killed a lot of deer in his day, but that doesn’t mean each new kill doesn’t give him that crazy emotion that comes along with the first. I think this is what keeps us all going back to the woods.

Hopefully all these videos have done that for you, and have got you pumped up for the hunting seasons!


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10 Whitetail Deer Videos That Will Put Your Very Best to Shame