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10 Weirdest Gun Accessories You're Gonna Want To Buy

Here are some of the oddest things you never knew you always wanted for your gun.

BMF Activator $24.99 Firing 4 times each time you crank the handle you can turn your .22 semi auto into the quickest plinker in town. Save the rapid fire for the range, this isn't meant for hunting applications.

There is no shortage of accessories for guns, but I bet there are a few you haven't heard of before. From the odd to the awesome, you'll find yourself thinking "I need that!"

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If you've ever been to a gun show you know that some of the best and weirdest things come from the small booths in the corners. Things you will probably never see in the aisles of the sporting goods stores. Accessories born from late night ideas following the words "You know what that gun needs...."

View the slideshow to see the 10 weird things you will want to buy for you gun.

The New X Caliber Gauge Adapter $449.99

Shoot 10 different caliber rounds from one shooting platform: a single-shot, an over/under or side by side smooth-bore 12 gauge. Each X Caliber gauge adapter is made from 7 inches of Blued Stainless Steel. The multi-caliber gauge adapters are also fully rifled to increase accuracy (20 gauge is smooth-bore).

The Mule

The MULE is firearm buttstock that houses survival gear or a back up pistol. Fits most 4" barreled compact grip/frame sidearms.

AR Solo Vault $199

Secure your AR anywhere with handle or top rail accessories. Made in the USA of military grade 14 guage steel with flanged, no pry lid with dual locking hooks, and an all mechanical lock. Quick access with safety locked down.

AR-15/M16 A2 Field Survivor Tool $95.99

This Samson Field Survival Tool includes a flat-blade screwdriver, broken shell extractor, carbon scraper, cotter pin hook for removing firing pin from bolt, A2 front sight tool, magazine feed lip gauge, and a feed lip adjustment tool. A refillable stainless steel tube holds just enough oil for one field lube.

Enhanced Battery Assist Lever® $26.95

Don't let the name fool you, there are no batteries. This device easily installs onto your existing standard mil-spec forged AR bolt release/catch (paddle) with no weapon disassembly or parts replacement, and allows you to lock the bolt back and release the bolt with just a slight movement of your trigger finger.

AR Foregrip with brass knuckles $47

Style and function if the SHTF and you run out of bullets, have the upper hand in hand to hand.

BMF Activator $24.99

Firing four times with each crank of the handle can turn your .22 semi auto into the quickest plinker in town. Save the rapid fire for the range, this isn't meant for hunting applications.

Misson First Battlelink 401 Lower Mount $34.99

Made to work with the Garmin 401 this mount will keep your hands on the gun while you navigate your way to your rally point or to the last place you saw hogzilla. Keep yourself battle ready without getting lost.

XRAIL System $699

With the ability to hold up to 22+1 shells this magazine will keep you firing on the range or out in the field after the snow geese (in states with no magazine restrictions of course).

TAC Ordnance Crossbow $1299

The PSE TAC Ordnance™ takes the original TAC 15 design to a whole new level and has been designed to be more accurate, more efficient and more durable than ever before. It easily converts most standard AR-15 lowers into the most accurate and powerful crossbow on the market.

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10 Weirdest Gun Accessories You're Gonna Want To Buy