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10 Weird Hunting Products Found at the 2015 SHOT Show


The big event of the year holds some big surprises when it comes to weird hunting products.

Trade shows are always a gold mine for odd gimmicks or extremely unique creations. The 2015 SHOT Show does not disappoint. A quick scan through the exhibitor list can reveal some very weird hunting products, indeed.

Let me state that weird can be bad and weird can be good. There are some of both on this list.

Here are 10 of the 2015 SHOT Show's weird hunting products, though there are likely many more!

1. Crazy Quail Mini

weird hunting product
Crazy Quail

Controllable from your iPhone, the Crazy Quail Mini is a crazy new target-shooting device with 360 degree rotation. Hopefully your friend is available to operate your phone while you hoist your shotgun.

2. Krudo Knives iPhone Case

weird hunting product
Krudo Knives

For those times you forget your knife or need an Allen wrench, just grab it from your new iPhone aluminum case. Oh, just don't forget it in the TSA line unless you enjoy being blacklisted.

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3. Air-Arms FTP 900

weird hunting product

A field target rifle to practice in the off season and make you feel like you're fighting in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world. Pretty wild, huh?

4. Lucky Duck Kak Attakk

weird hunting product
Midway USA

Ah finally. The predator calling decoy that will haunt your nightmares. It produces 30 sounds, with such classics as "tormented syco," "mental tweety," and even "zombie hunt," so you know it's good.

5. Concealed Carrie

weird hunting product
Concealed Carrie

I know it's not really a weird hunting product. But with such a brilliant name, and just the right mix of elegance and "I'll take you out," you have to admire this one.

6. Ammo-Up Brass Model

weird hunting product

This wild device will pick up any rifle and pistol brass except .22 rimfires.

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7. Skull Hooker Little Hooker

weird hunting product
Skull Hooker

It also comes in the Big Hooker size for larger game. Again, a great name lands this item on the weird hunting product list.

8. Nature Blind Stalking Shield

weird hunting product
Nature Blind

The stalking shield is ingenious and I'm blown away with how realistic it looks. It definitely belongs here on the weird hunting product list in a "good weird" kind of way.

9. Deadly Decoys

weird hunting product
Deadly Decoys

With a creative design that has advantages over other windsock decoys and extremely life-like heads, these deadly decoys stand out!

10. Quaker Boy Thug Jug

weird hunting product
Quaker Boy

While the doe bleat can call is likely just fine, this item landed on the weird hunting product list due to its unusual and memorable name, "Thug Jug."


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10 Weird Hunting Products Found at the 2015 SHOT Show