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10 Unorthodox Ways to Snag That Next Fish

Fishing is usually just as simple as a rod, hook, line and sinker, but these folks take it to a whole new level.

While most of us are content to pull up next to our favorite fishing hole for an afternoon of lazy casting and catching, there are some fishermen (and women) around who'd prefer to take a different approach. Using birds. Using their hands. Digging canals.

This awesome video from YouTube user Top 10 Amazing features all of the ingenious, creative, and unique fishing methods that people around the world use to snag their fish:

Have you tried any of these? The guy grabbing the rocks from the shopping cart and throwing them into the water blind has to be my favorite. He either has some faith in his accuracy, or is just crossing his fingers that luck will take over. Judging by his cart, however, he's having some decent success. It's not all about rods and reels, huh?


Ice Auger Gone Wild on Fishing Trip

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10 Unorthodox Ways to Snag That Next Fish