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10 Weird Campers and Tents [PICS]

These portable shelters will make you do a double take!

Tensile Tree Tent $595 Portable tree house to keep you safe from bears, bugs, and floods! Just remember your in the air when nature calls late at night.


Hitting the road or the trail just got a little bizarre with these 10 eyebrow-raising campers and tents. Although they are unconventional, they offer some great features that their normal counterparts lack. Convenience and safety inspired the inventors of these shelters.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for the outdoor retreats. You can bet that there is someone out there now thinking of an even weirder solution to sleeping under the stars.

View the slideshow to see all the weird campers and tents.

Tentsile Tree Tent


Portable tree house to keep you safe from bears, bugs, and floods! Just remember you're in the air when nature calls late at night. $595

Bufalino Camper

Inventor Spot

Forever alone? Hit the road in this solo camper on three wheels. While it's still a concept, we like the possibility of this tent on wheels.

Gogo Elite 1 Person Tent

Nemo Equipment

With no support poles this tent can fit into a 1-liter bottle. Airbeam support inflates in seconds from inside or outside the tent keeping you out of the weather. Lightweight and portable, this tent is great for cyclists, kayakers, hikers and preppers. $429.95

Concept RV with driveaway mini car

Weird RVs

Every summer the big RVs are towing their cars behind, can't take the house on wheels every where. What if you could combine the two?

Harley Davidson Rider's Dome Tent

Planet Harley

The garage is removable when not needed but we think even if you don't have a bike what a great option to have for storage or extra room in a rainy area. $219

Custom-Made Off-Road House


Where we're going we don't need roads....or a hotel for that matter. This custom-made Suzuki Samurai with tracks is unstoppable, except maybe by paved roads.

Glad Disposal Tent


Temporary shelter that throws itself away. This one-person tent was tested at music festivals in Texas. We think this is a must-have for emergencies or a bugout bag.

Prius Camper


Not sure what the camper does to the gas mileage but it still has to be better than your average RV. While this concept is room for sleeping only, you'll save money on gas and hotel rooms on those road trips.

The Camping Donut

Inventor Spot

The camping donut allows you to configure your own tent in several shapes depending on your needs. Privacy and wind-blocking shapes that fold to convenient travel size make the Camping Donut pretty neat. Still a concept but we think it's in the near future! Sprinkles please!

The Cocoon

Oh Gizmo

Emergency shelter you can hang in a tree or cliffside. Great for a bug out bag or hikers who don't want to sleep on the ground.

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10 Weird Campers and Tents [PICS]