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10 Weird and Bizarre Gifts for Hunters

When you have someone on your Christmas list who has everything, consider one of these weird and bizarre gifts for hunters.

Unique Outdoor Product
Unique Outdoor Product

He has guns, clothes, knickknacks and more. So what do you get for the hunter who has everything? Truck antlers. Or maybe a firing staple gun.

For the outdoorsman who has everything, consider one these weird and bizarre gifts for hunters.

Check out our suggestions for the strangest hunting gifts you can buy this holiday season.

1. Revolver Shot Glasses

Cool Stuff Express

These two ounce shot glasses look just like barrel of a classic six-shooter. Think twice before putting the barrel of a gun in your mouth. You may just end up out of control.

2. CamoVision Glasses with Anti-Reflective Lens

Unique Outdoor Product

Now you can even hide your eyes when your in the woods. But don’t let these glasses fool you, they use state of the art technology to bring you the best experience you can image with a pair of glasses.

3. Truck Antlers

Unique Outdoor Products

These truly are the best thing since bumper balls. They are easy to install, built to last and make you stand out in a crowd. A perfect gift for the hunter who has everything.

4. Turkey Call Bottle Opener

Unique Outdoor Products

Not quite sure if you’d ever really need this or not, but you can probably scare the crap out of some unknowing people when they go to open a bottle of Bud and start hearing a gobble.

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5. Globe Gun Storage

Unique Outdoor Products

This gift is a two for one. You get a beautiful globe for your office and a hideaway for up to four guns.

6. Staple Gun-Bang


This truly is a staple gun. With its functional stapler and gun sound effects, it will be a hit in your office.

7. Deer Toilet Paper Holder


Doesn’t it always seem like the nice buck catches you with your pants down? That’s always the case with this toilet paper holder from River’s Edge.

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8. Camo and Blaze Orange Toilet Paper


Make going to the bathroom a humorous experience with this camo and florescent orange toilet paper. It’s bound to start more conversations than you thought you could have about toilet paper.

9. Camo Poacher Teeth


Honestly, I’m stumped. What can you say about these things other than WTH? Who needs camo teeth?

10. Drunken Deer Wine Bottle Holder

Bass Pro Shops

Here’s a drinking buddy you won’t ever get tired of. He even holds the bottle for you.

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10 Weird and Bizarre Gifts for Hunters