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10 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever This Winter

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Nothing drives an outdoorsman crazier than being stuck inside for weeks on end.

Don’t let terrible weather in the winter months keep you down. Here are 10 ways to beat that cabin fever and keep you on your toes.

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1. Knots

Practice your knot-tying skills. There are thousands of knots out there and each one serves a purpose. Set a goal over the next few months to master the ones you do know and learn a few you don’t.

2. Knife sharpening

Bust out all of your knives and get them into tip-top shape. Get those blade bevels just right and put a razor edge on each to prepare them for any adventures ahead.


3. Indoor pellet range

Head down to your local sporting goods store or get online for a pellet trap to set up in your basement or hallway. Purchase a low power BB gun and cut loose on that itchy trigger finger. Just make sure no people or pets are around and you don’t put any holes in your walls.

4. Game calls

Master that call you have been working on or learn a new one. It might pay off by drawing in that trophy buck or tom next season.

5. Service your fishing gear

Get out your rods and tackle. Reorganize your boxes, label baits, re-spool your lines, and oil up those reels. Everything will be fresh and ready for hitting that honey hole the next chance you get.

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6. Practice camp cooking

Just because you can’t start a fire indoors doesn’t mean you can’t learn some new camp recipes. Gather the foods you normally take on long trips and figure out new ways to cook them. Doing this now will really boost your menu options in the field.

7. First aid skills

Everyone who spends time outdoors should know basic first aid for emergencies. Take this time while your stuck inside to learn how to dress a wound or splint a leg. Knowing these simple tasks could save your life someday.

First Aid Kit

8. Read up on new tips and skills

Spend some time online or reading books on hunting, fishing, and survival. Find a few new ones to master for when the weather gets warmer. Knowledge is a sportsman’s greatest and most indispensable tool so learn all you can.

9. Play some hunting video games

If you or your kids have a game system around there is a large selection of hunting games available. Most can be played with a fake gun to help simulate the experience. May not be the real thing, but it will help take that edge off.

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10. Use Google Earth to scout new areas

Have a new place you want to hunt or an existing area you want to expand out into? Use Google Earth to check out the area from above. You may find some great places to start your scouting on foot.

Never be bored again when the snow piles up or you doors freeze shut and further your outdoor knowledge instead!

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10 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever This Winter