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10 Waterfowl Hunting Gifts You Should Buy This Season

gifts for waterfowlers

Trying to get the right gift for a waterfowler can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

They are needy. They are nitpicky. Yes, we’re talking about waterfowl hunters. Not in a bad way, but we just know that when the time comes, we need our equipment to hold up. Sometimes, waterfowl hunters will sacrifice cost for quality; however, when giving a gift, you don’t always have to.

Be the best Santa on your hunter’s mind when you choose one of these ten waterfowl hunting gifts.

1. Delta Zero-Gravity Layout Blind

waterfowl duck hunting gift guide
Amazon $279.99

Put them in one of the most comfortable lay out blinds on the market. This will keep your hunter dry, off the ground and comfortable. The best part, right out of the box, there are no pins and there’s no assembly; just open it up and unfold. The blind is durable with plenty of straps to add cover stubble or corn stalks. You may overcome Santa at number one this year if your waterfowl hunter ends up with this under the tree, from you!

2. Dead Ringer Duck Buster Sight

Bass Pro $24.99

Put more ducks and geese on the table this year with a universal front and rear sight from Dead Ringer. This is a sight designed to keep the shooter’s head down and make them more accurate in the field. It’s a quality-built, universal fit for nearly all shotguns, and it’s affordable. Wrap it up or make it a stocking stuffer; your hunter won’t be upset with this.

3. Tactacam 3.0/4.0

Tactacam $259.99 - $329.99
Tactacam $259.99 – $329.99

Everyone loves reliving a hunt. GoPros are great, but they just don’t get up close or have the zoom and quality that Tactacam offers. With its 5x zoom and capabilities of recording at 2.7k resolution, a clear memory of the hunt won’t go missed. The camera comes in a bow or gun package, so be sure to get the waterfowl hunter the gun package, as it will allow the camera to clip directly on their shotgun during the hunting season. The Tactacam 4.0 is more designed for the hunter who has a smartphone and wants to connect via wifi, while the 3.0 is a similar version without the extra options and wifi.

4. Decoys


Ask any waterfowl hunter and they will tell you they want decoys. They may have two enclosed trailers, a garage, attic and basement full of decoys, yet they can always use more. Some hunters are picky and brand-specific, while others like to switch it up. No matter what brand or design, you can’t go wrong getting your hunter some decoys this holiday season.

5. Mossy Oak Extreme Cold Decoy Gloves

Amazon $24.93
Amazon $24.93

Picking up decoys doesn’t have to be miserable and cold. Insulated, cut large with room for an under-pair of gloves, the Mossy Oak Extreme Decoy Gloves will work with the coldest of water temperatures. This choice offers comfort and quality in a very thoughtful and warm gift.

6. InnoGear 5000 Head Lamp

Amazon $25.98
Amazon $25.98

It might look like a spaceship, but I can assure you it’s just a headlamp! The best part, is it has lights like a spaceship. Very bright and rechargeable, this headlamp will be more than enough light for any duck or goose hunter to be hands free while setting up in the dark.

7. Brush Boat Anchor

Amazon $6.46
Amazon $6.46

This is a super quick and easy stocking stuffer. Should any waterfowl hunter using a boat already have of these? Yes, probably. If they do, here’s a backup. Metal rusts, and sometimes things fail, so having more than one is always a great idea. If they don’t have one at all, they will be happy they do now. They are designed to clamp, and clamp some more, when meeting resistance from either current or wind.

8. Plano 68-Quart Storage Tub

Bass Pro $29.99
Bass Pro $29.99

Stackable and large. A tote perfect for gear in between hunts. Your waterfowl hunter can always use these and they are a great way to tote around their gear.

9. Cabela’s Shot Shell Box

Cabela's $9.99
Cabela’s $9.99

Water resistant and stores up to four boxes of shells (3 boxes of 3 1/2″ shells). Every waterfowl hunter needs and wants one of these. If they already own one, it may be time for an upgrade as repeated use can wear and tear on these boxes. The Cabela’s Shot Shell Box will hold your hunter’s shells and make moving ammo around easy and dry.

10. Big Limit Game Strap

Big Limit Game Strap $24.99
Big Limit Game Strap $24.99

Not everything a waterfowl hunter needs will break the bank! If they are seasoned waterfowl hunters, they may already own one of these, but if they are new to the sport, this may be the perfect gift. A stocking stuffer for sure, this heavy-duty strap will hold ducks and geese for those days the hunter reaches his limit.

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10 Waterfowl Hunting Gifts You Should Buy This Season