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10 Videos to Show Anti-Hunters Why We Hunt

why we hunt
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The next time an anti-hunter asks why we hunt, answer them with a video or two showing off just some of the many reasons why we hunt.

Some hunters have a solid answer in place for the ever looming question of why we hunt, others just flounder around giving off one of the many reasons, and still some honestly have no idea or can’t even begin to put it into words.

Whether you have your answer down or not, a little video proof never hurts.  And if you are trying to convert an anti-hunter, this might just be the ammunition you need to put holes in their argument.

We hunt for conservation

We hunt to put food on the table

We hunt to get close to nature

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To see the joy we can spread to our kids

For the peaceful meditation time we can get in the outdoors

So that we know where our meat comes from

Because we are historically programmed to

For these once in a lifetime experiences

To keep populations in check

Because it is part of our soul

Next time you find yourself facing the question of why we hunt, maybe you will better prepared with an answer. Or you can just not care what others think and just watch these as inspirational videos to get you pumped to head out into the woods.

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10 Videos to Show Anti-Hunters Why We Hunt