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10 Videos That Prove Mullet Are Great as Bait [VIDEO]

The lowly mullet is not so forgettable. 

One of the most regrettable hairstyles of the '80s...wait, no, wrong mullet. We're talking about the fish.

Some people catch and eat them. Other folks like to use them as bait.

Not sure about using mullet to catch larger fish? These 10 videos will change your mind.

1. Florida Mullet Migration Attack


2. Slo-Mo Attack


3. Tidal Creek Redfish


4. Blacktip Shark


5. Tarpon Crash


6. Surf Fishing Instant Hit


7. Good Looking Fish and Catch


8. Baiting with Mullet, Catching Sharks


9. 50-Pound Tarpon


10. Monster Nighttime Snook


Don't write off mullets just yet. They make for great bait and are pretty tasty too!

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10 Videos That Prove Mullet Are Great as Bait [VIDEO]