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10 Uses for iTechworld Solar Panels on Your Next Camping Trip

iTechworld solar panels will give you all the power you need your next hunting or camping trip.

If you’re an avid camper, RV or trailer owner, or just like to spent time on the trail, you know the cold hard facts: power, at a remote campsite or hiking spot, just doesn’t exist.

On second thought, there are those who lug huge generators far distances, just so they can have those quality comforts of home that only a wall outlet could provide.

Helping campers and hikers meeting in the middle is iTechworld solar panels, one of the toughest and most efficient sources of power for the outdoorsman who wants some luxuries, but doesn’t want to pay for it with heavy lifting and loud noises.



Here are 10 reasons why you should consider taking an iTechworld solar panel on your next adventure.

Recharge a phone

Like it or not, our smartphones are often our lifelines. When you’re headed to super remote places, you’ll typically find some alternative to rely on, but normal camping and backpacking requires a charged phone, for the most part.

Use in an emergency

There’s always going to be a time where power of some sort can help aid a safety issue, or even flat out save a live.

Amuse the kids

Face it, not every adolescent enjoys the bugs and humidity of a camping trip. Satisfy their cravings for a screen or game after a day of hiking.

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Cook dinner

Start a campfire in the pit, but fire up the griddle and hot plate for a better and more consistent way to cook an actual meal. The fire can be reserved for marshmallows.

Power your Devices

Maybe it’s your GPS, camera, iPad, or computer, but we all have our electronics that we want to keep charged.

Keep your battery charged

Your car or boat battery won’t die with an iTechworld panel on the watch. If you have the misfortune of dealing with a flat battery, at least you can be rest assured you have the means to recharge it.

Skip the cooler

Not sensible for the backcountry but perfect for RVers, a mini fridge doesn’t require constant ice replenishing. Keep your drinks and food safe and cold.

Power the game

Trailers and RVs are perfect for tailgating, we all know that. If you don’t have tickets to the stadium, fire up the big screen.


Light the way

A constant nighttime struggle at the campsite, the darkness can be tamed with some solar panel-run lights, strategically placed around your tent or camper.

Convince the non-outdoorsy

It’s tough to break a habit of avoiding the outdoors, whether its a family member, spouse or friend. Help ease them into camping and hiking with the promise of all the solar power they’ll ever need.

Let us know of other camping uses for an iTechworld solar panel in the comments below.

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10 Uses for iTechworld Solar Panels on Your Next Camping Trip